Place of Plenty

Many of us have been exposed to the idea that the world is imperfect and unjust, and that perfection and justice can only be experienced in Heaven. But what if we were told something radically different? What if we were told that we are in Heaven already? What if, instead of hoping to get to Heaven after we die, we were brought up and lived as if we were in Heaven? How would this impact life on Earth?

I have experienced considerable success and also some difficulties in life. After living comfortably for a large part of my existence, I experienced the limitations imposed by extended periods of unemployment and the absence of a regular income. That new reality forced me to better empathize with the poor and become more sensitive to their needs. I came to better understand social injustice and the widening gap between the rich and the poor. I also realized that an unconscious fear of not having enough is what ultimately propels people to unnecessary accumulation which brings about so many of the problems we face in our world. It was during that period that I experienced a spiritual awakening that allowed me to see what I was not able to see before. I began to notice beauty and miracles surrounding me. I felt the Divine Presence everywhere. A world of abundance revealed itself to me.


I now believe that in order to create a better world we need a new paradigm.

What would happen if we embraced the idea that we are in Heaven? If children were raised hearing, “You are in Heaven,and there’s nothing to fear,” what effect would that have on our relationships with one another and with all creation? I envision the day when the prevailing idea on this planet will be that we live in a place of plenty, with more than enough for everyone. Sharing and serving will, then, be commonplace and widespread practices.




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