My life is my masterpiece

A perfect state of peace is attained when we are completely content and satisfied, not wanting anything. We joyfully accept everything that happens to us, rejoice with the life that was given to us, and make the best out of it at every moment. We are grateful for everything we have.

Whenever our thoughts take us back to revisit the errors of the past, with feelings of remorse and regret, we mentally pardon ourselves and others. We say to ourselves, “Whatever happened in the past is in the past, and there is where I will leave it. Now it’s time to move on, and that’s exactly what I have decided to do: I am moving on to a better future.”

And whenever we catch ourselves in a state of fear, afraid that something bad may happen to us, or to the ones we love, we acknowledge that object of fear, and after taking a calm and deep look at it, we, softly, let it go.

We realize the worrying is pointless. If we have a problem that can be fixed, then there is no use in worrying. And if we are dealing with a problem that cannot be fixed, then there is no use in worrying. Worrying is meaningless.

With practice we can reach a state where we have no regrets, no worries, no fear. We let go of the things that happened, as well as of those that have not taken place yet, and practice to return our attention to the present moment where we find joy in the simplest things. We avoid the struggle of trying to cling to what we want and of trying to push away what we don’t want. We accept everything that comes our way with equanimity, and by doing so we become happier.

“My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance and in inverse proportion to my expectations.” ~ Michael J. Fox

We experience peace when we don’t struggle against what is, just like Eckhart Tolle described in his book, The Power of Now: “I have learned to offer no resistance to what is; I have learned to allow the present moment to be and to accept the impermanent nature of all things and conditions. Thus have I found peace.”

We work gently, calmly doing the job that the Universe calls us to do, doing one task at a time, while having complete trust in a wonderful outcome. We say to ourselves, “Everything is OK.” And if we feel it is not, we remember ourselves that “In the end, everything will be OK. And if it is not OK, it is not the end.” In doing so, over and over again, our lives become our works of art, our masterpieces.


If you don’t believe in miracles, perhaps you’ve forgotten you are one.


“I like to think of myself as an artist, and my life is my greatest work of art. Every moment is a moment of creation, and each moment of creation contains infinite possibilities.”

~ Shakti Gawain


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