Wayshowers and the Paths to Awakening

Whenever we find something beautiful we want to show it to others. This desire to share our findings is natural. But I have realized that no matter how much we may want to share, only those who have the right eyes will be able to see what we have found. Be cognizant that if the time is not right for them, they will not see what we have to show, or understand what we have to say.

The truth is that many individuals are sitting right on top of treasures without being able to see them.

Each individual is on a different and unique path of transformation and enlightenment, of purification and liberation, and the timing of the findings for each person is different. In other words, although guides, mentors, scouts and way-showers are important, the paths must be opened and the findings must be made by each person on her own.

Nevertheless, do not hesitate to show your way, talk about your findings, and share your treasures. But be sure that your sharing is made out of the love you have for others — out of your desire to help them on their path of awakening — and not to satisfy the need of your ego to boast itself as more evolved.

Be cognizant that if the time is not right for them, they will not be able to hear what you say, they will not be able to see what you show, and they will not understand you.

But no matter what, with compassion in your heart, love them, even more than before.


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