The importance of new thoughts

At times it is difficult to remember to think of this world as Heaven, but certainly the practice of looking for and finding beauty in it, even in the midst of the all the challenges, is a grounding and powerful one.

A fantastic double rainbow over Loch Laggan.

Every single time I write “It’s a beautiful day in Paradise” on one of my blogs, images of the poor, the homeless, the children in war zones and refugee camps come to my mind, and I ask myself, “Can they find Heaven here on Earth?” And then, I pause and send them wishes of the peaceful, plentiful, and fear-free existence they all deserve — we all deserve — as a birthright.

I am engaged in promoting the change of the prevailing ideas in this world. I am working to spread a new paradigm for a new world, hoping that a new way of seeing life will lead to a gentler and more civilized ways of relating to one another. I believe we can bring about an enlightened society. I believe that if more and more people begin to accept these ideas, the desired change for the better will come about easier.

And what ideas are those?

Here they are:

Planet Earth ( and the entire Universe) is our Garden and our Playground. These are gifts that were given to us. We are called to enjoy the beauty of the Garden and have fun in this Playground. We are called to take good care of these gifts, and  make the Garden more beautiful and the Playground more enjoyable. We are called to be kind and share our toys with our playmates because this enhances their joy, and their augmented joy enhances ours. We are called to realize that if Heaven is a place where everyone is loved, then Heaven is here if we want it to be; all we have to do is to selflessly — and, in a way, selfishly, because of all we get from it — love one another.”

Heaven is here Garden and Playground

If you are one of those who is working to make the world a better place for all sentient beings, here’s my request and wishes to you:

Be well, my fellow gardener! Embrace these ideas! Talk about them! Write about them! Spread them! Let’s continue planting the seeds that will change the way we have organized ourselves to live on this planet. Let us continue implementing the changes that will make life better for all on this beautiful home of ours. Be optimistic and spread optimism. Optimists like us bring hope and energize the people we meet. We are like the rising sun. Sending you my blessings and optimistic energies, my fellow lightshiners! It is a great joy to share this journey with you.

The Optimist Creed


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