I Am: An Epiphany of Oneness – Part 3

An Epiphany of Oneness

I look around and see miracles. I look around and see Heaven. I look around and see the Garden and the Playground. I look around and see the Divine Presence everywhere, all around me, and in me. I am part of the whole. Actually I am not a part; I am the Whole. I am

I don’t exist isolated. Separation is an illusion. I am not this little, unconnected, detached, and fearful being that I thought I was. I am the Whole. I am

Only One exists. I am the Universe. I am the Immense One. I am the Whole. I am holy.  I am


Soon after I published An Epiphany of Oneness, my good friend, Penelope, sent me a message. Here’s our exchange:

Penelope — “OMG Piero, again your extra-ordinary experience of being one with God, the Universe…that must happen to so few beings in the world…what a gift…thank you for sharing.”

Piero — Dear Penelope, Thank you for your kind words. It was indeed a very powerful and beautiful experience of oneness. I can’t deny it, and I don’t want to diminish its impact on me. But I don’t deserve the compliment. I don’t believe I am in any way special. I believe that all of us can have the mystical experience of oneness, because it is a gift that is available to all of us. Please, pause for a moment and reflect on these words of Thomas Keating: “The gift of God is absolutely gratuitous. It is not something you earn. It is something that is there. It is something that you just have to accept. This is a gift that has been given. There’s no place to go to get it. There’s no place you can go to avoid it. It just is. It is part of our very existence. And so, the purpose of all great religions is to bring us into this relationship with reality that is so intimate that no word can possibly describe it.” 

Wow! An intimate relationship with reality! An intimate relationship with the Divine! That’s what it is! His words are so precise! I believe that we should focus our energy in seeing the Divine around us and in us. (I think about my book Pay Attention! Be Alert! and ponder, “Why have I decided to give it this title?” I, now, recognize that I was guided to do so because to pay attention and to be alert is of the utmost importance to connect, communicate and commune with the Divine. I believe that divine guidance and inspiration is available to all of us, especially to those who adopt the practice of living mindfully.)

I am sure, Penelope, that you have already experienced the I Am, otherwise my writings wouldn’t touch you the way you tell me they do. It is not that I have been chosen, or that just a few have been chosen… We all have been chosen! The I Am experience is available to all of us.

Again, take a look at what Thomas Keating has to say: “Our project is not just to become a better human being, as desirable as that would be for our friends and relatives, but it is to become a divine human being, or to learn how to live the human life in a divine way. The project is the transformation of individuals and, at some point, of the whole human family.” 

I believe, as he does, that our job on this Earth is “to learn how to live the human life in a divine way.” Think about what he said: “The project is the transformation of individuals and, at some point, of the whole human family.”  Isn’t that profound?

Please, help me spread the following idea:

In order for the world to radically change for the better, we need more evolved beings, and in order for their numbers to grow we need to demystify the current belief that enlightenment is hard and can only be achieved by a few gifted individuals. We need to disseminate the idea that awakening and expanded awareness is at hand. We need to encourage everyone to engage in in the practice of silent observation, meditation, mindful living, or any other similar discipline that may lead them to attain that new consciousness that will not only allow them to experience Heaven, but that will also enlist them in the work of revealing Heaven right here on Earth. ~ Piero

Thank you for communicating with me, Penelope, my friend. You bring light and optimism to my days. May God bless you abundantly.

~ Piero

I invite you to watch the trailer of the documentary “Thomas Keating: A Rising Tide of Silence”

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