New Political Leadership for a New World

What we see in politics is a reflection of who we are.


We are immersed in a culture of selfishness, greed, separation, isolation, exclusion, competition and pursuit of power, and as long as we remain in it, it will be very difficult to reach more humane political solutions for our problems.

What should we do, then?

We need to work on our own selves, transform ourselves, and experience the heavenly sense of oneness that infuses us with the knowing that our destiny is a common one, and that the ultimate goal of our existences is solidarity, cooperation, unity and peace.

We need to realize that we are here to connect, communicate and commune with others, not to separate, compete, and isolate ourselves from others. We have to understand that we are here to bring the pieces together, and restore to wholeness what once was whole but is now broken. We have to realize that we are here to help one another, and to live by the values of civility, mutual support, and care for all beings and the entire planet. We must understand that it is only when we grow in selflessness, kindness and compassion — and live our lives guided by such feelings, values and principles — that we will be able to manifest leaders and governments that will practice them.

The truth is that the world is an expression of who we are, and in order for us to manifest a better world, we must better ourselves first. More enlightened ways of organizing ourselves to live in society will spontaneously emerge when we change the prevailing ideas that dominate our thinking. A better world will come forth into existence when a vast number of individuals reach that deep-rooted conviction that generosity is better than greed, cooperation is better than competition, inclusion is better than exclusion, and compassion is better than mercilessness and indifference. When the number of such individuals grows, we will reach that critical mass that will tip the scale and bring about the desired change.

We need to change the ideas that currently prevail in our culture in order to bring about a new world. Inner work will allow us to go beyond the ego-consciousness and the group-consciousness, and reach that level of mystical-consciousness where we don’t see ourselves separated from others anymore. Then we will not give in to the demands of our own egos and of the groups we belong to. We will not feel inclined to fight, compete and conquer. We will not feel obligated to do those things we know to be harmful to others — and to ourselves — and that our egos and our clans, tribes, parties, churches and nations demand from us.

It is by going through deep mystical experiences — the ones that make us realize our oneness, interconnection, interdependence, and inter-existence — that all the insanity that surrounds us will become evident. It is by having those epiphanies of our oneness that we will gain the strength to calmly leave all this competitive madness behind. It is by experiencing those awakenings, that we will be blessed with a clear consciousness that will guide us to think, say and do only those things that harm no one and benefit everyone.

So, the inner work we do to better ourselves is serious political work with a vast reach, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. This inner work is real activism, the one that changes views, ideas and beliefs, and that will bring about a new consciousness and with it a new political leadership, and new political systems that will change the world and the lives of all who live in it for the better.

So, work on your own self, and move, as much as possible, maybe a little bit everyday, away from selfishness and closer to selflessness. Practice and teach kindness. Teach all children to be gentle, compassionate and caring. Investigate your beliefs and get rid of your prejudices. Guide others on the path that leads to their personal awakening and enlightenment, therefore creating opportunities for them to experience oneness. Foster communication and cooperation. Be peaceful and bless the world with your peace. Transform yourself, help others transform themselves, and, by doing so, transform the world.


An invitation

Now that we have reached the end of this political season, let us use this opportunity to pause and reflect. May all we have noticed in ourselves and in others — everything that we have heard and said, everything we did and saw others doing, everything that we felt and made others feel — be enough to convince us that the most important thing any of us can do to make this process better is to work on our own selves. May the insanity and absurdities of these political farces awaken in us the conscience of the need to work to change our own selves.


“It all starts in our own hearts. Changing our hearts is where it all starts” ~ Elizabeth Velez


evolution not revolution


Please, read  A Whole New World and spread these ideas. Thank you.


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