Our job

Our job is to reach the high spiritual goals of full enlightenment and total liberation.

Our job is to liberate ourselves from the shackles of human misery caused by cravings and aversions, by desires of wanting what we don’t have and not wanting what we do have.

Our job is to engage in a process of self-purification that will lead us to total liberation.


Our job is to practice self-observation and introspection.

Our job is to practice to be here, now, without letting the mistakes of the past or the worries with the future remove us from the enjoyment of the present moment.

Our job is to live consciously, noticing the Magic, Mystery and Miracles that surround us, while being amazed, grateful and happy for this adventure we call life.

Our job is to find contentment in our present situation, being happy in the here-now.


Our job is to nurture our inner-peace, be peaceful, and bless the world with our peace.


Our job is to assure people around us that they are beautiful and perfect, and that they don’t need to be more, do more, or have more to be loved.

Our job is to tell them that to be loved is everyone’s birthright, and that they are loved.

Our job is to let them know that we love them.


Our job is to figure out who we really are and what we were brought here to do.

Our job is to live an authentic life, living out who we are, and doing what we are meant to do.

Our job is to do what we like, and to like what we do.


Our job is to be the best that we can be, while supporting others so they can be the best that they can be.

Our job is to be kind, selfless, generous and compassionate.

Our job is to be of service to others.


Our job is to know that we are worthy of love, and that we are loved just as we are.

Our job is to love our own selves.


Perfect Complete Whole


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