Daily Reflections – Week 12

March 20March 20

Good morning! Today is another beautiful day in heaven, isn’t it? Let us rejoice and be grateful. As always, I invite you to meditate. Go to your place of peace, and whenever you catch yourself engaging with your thoughts, gently come back to the present moment by mentally reciting a sacred word, or bringing your attention back to your breathing. Gently release your thoughts. Let them float down the river. Today I invite you to think about the creation of your own life and your connections with other human beings. Where did you come from? Where were you before you were born? Where were you before your mother and father met? Did you exist in some way, shape, or form before you showed up on this planet in a physical body? Think about your connection with all your ancestors. Reflect about the time you were being formed in your mother’s womb. Think about your deep connection with her. Pause and express your gratitude for what she did for you. Honor her. Send her love. If necessary, forgive her, forgive yourself, and repair the relationship. Forgive her mistakes, and yours, and realize that we, all of us, are learning all the time, and that erring is an integral part of this process. In your mind, see both of you smiling and sharing expressions of affection. Now think about relationships and connections in general. How much are we separated from one another, and how much are we one? Go forth and try to see your own self in everyone and everything today. May this realization fill you with wonder and joy. Namaste.

March 21March 21

Good morning! Today is a good day to feel good, and to make someone else feel good, isn’t it? So, be kind and generous. Listen and help someone. Pass good vibes around. Smile and spread some optimism. Give someone a hug. Create something beautiful. Soften someone else’s heart. Do something that will make other people feel good. Today is also a good day for you to be a world-changer. So, do something today that will help bring Heaven to Earth. Do something that will bring about fairness, solidarity, justice and peace for all. Do something that will help our Spaceship Earth. You may think that your thoughts, words, and actions are insignificant, but even the tiniest drops create ripples that travel far, very far. Every little thing you think, say, and do builds up our world. So, choose wisely in order to create Heaven right here on Earth. Namaste.

March 22March 22

Good morning! Today is such a beautiful day, isn’t it? We live in a beautiful planet, don’t we? Let us rejoice and be happy! Today is a good day to practice seeing beauty. See it and be grateful. See it, and help others see it as well. Today is a good day to spread gratitude, serenity, and optimism. Pause for a moment, go to your place of peace, and give thanks. Make a commitment to live in the here-now, and find peace in it. Put attention in whatever you may be doing, and do it with love. Be the carrier of uplifting messages to everyone you meet. Let everyone know that “Everyday, in every way, things are getting better, better, and better.” You are the messenger of the good news the next person you meet has desperately been waiting for. You are a life saver. Namaste.

March 23March 23

Good morning! Today is another beautiful day in Heaven, isn’t it? Let us be grateful and happy. Today is a good day to recommit to a diligent daily discipline. Go to the center of your being, and get energized to do what you know you have to do. In silence and solitude, find the wisdom and the courage to do what is necessary to bring fairness and peace to our world. We can come up with better ways of living on this planet, ways through which all of us can have fair opportunities to grow to be the best that we can be, and give our best contributions to the world community. We can organize ourselves to live on this planet so everyone can share the fruits of creation, and live safe, joyful, and peaceful lives. We can bring Heaven to Earth. We can do it. You can do it. The world needs us. The world needs you. Go forth and give your contribution to create a better way! Namaste.

March 24March 24

Good morning! Today is a good day in Paradise, isn’t it? Let us be grateful and happy. Today is a good day to be alive and mindful, so minimum sleepwalking today, OK? Today is a good day to accept life as it is, and also to not accept it as it is, so you can create a better life for yourself and everyone else. Today is a good day to realize that we all have two big projects that demand our attention: our personal transformation and the transformation of society. So, do the things you know will help you wake up and see beyond what you currently see: meditate, accept life as it is in the present moment, live mindfully, be authentic, and follow your bliss. This will allow you to experience Oneness. This enlightened state will curb your egoism and individualism, and will enhance your compassion. Empathy, then, will compel you to not accept life as it is, and will move you to engage in the work of bringing about a world of justice, fairness, equality, and solidarity. This new consciousness will lead you to work for the greater good, and come up with better ways of living together while preserving this beautiful planet. So, believe that everybody can have a dignified life. Believe that we can do away with violence and live in peace. Believe that we can bring Heaven to Earth if we so desire. We can do it. Remember then that your mission is twofold: personal and societal transformation. Go forth. Change yourself and change the world. You can do it! Namaste.

March 25March 25

Good morning. Today is another beautiful day in Paradise, isn’t it? Let us be grateful, and prepare ourselves to offer our good gifts to the world. I invite you to reflect on acceptance and non-acceptance today. Begin your day by being grateful and accepting what life has given you. Immerse yourself in the Here-Now and feel that in this present moment everything is perfect. Feel right now, right in this moment, that you don’t have any problems. Be thankful. Practice total acceptance of the Now, and don’t desire anything to be different. Cultivate these feelings of acceptance and gratitude, and feel your tranquility expanding. Now, look at your life and at the world and see that there is room for improvement. Is there something calling you? If so, get ready to do what you know you have to do. But before taking action, go to the center of your being, to that place located beyond your thinking mind, that place where worries and fear do not exist, that place where you feel calm, centered, balanced, and safe. Stay there in silence and solitude for a while. Now, let all your thoughts, words, and actions come from that place of peace. You are inspired now. You are ready now. Go forth and do it. Just do it! Namaste.

March 26March 26

Good morning! Today is another beautiful day in Heaven, isn’t it? Look around and see the Magic, the Mystery, and the Miracles, and give thanks. Today is a good day to practice restraining your compulsion to compare yourself with others. What is the point of envying someone? No one can know another person completely. The images of success another person projects may not be real. Envying doesn’t help you; it just makes you feel bad. So, today, catch yourself in those moments of comparison and envy, and choose to redirect your thoughts. No matter how much you may have, wanting will always make you feel poor. No matter how little you may have, giving thanks will always make you feel rich. Feel grateful for the much life has given you. Life is good. Can you feel it? Go forth and bless the world with your inner peace. Namaste.


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