Daily Reflections – Week 10

March 06

March 6. Good morning! Today is a good day to think about those individuals you have problems with. Think of them as your prisoners and choose one of them to pardon and release today. Go to your place of peace, tame your ego, and then ask yourself, “What are the behaviors in him that bother me? Can I understand why he acts the way he does? Can I understand why he is the way he is? Can I accept him as he is? Can I feel his pain? Can I see him as a little child? Can I give my love to this child? Can I bless him with good wishes?” Today is a good day to make peace. No more judgement. No more condemnation. No more anger. No more hatred. Today is s good day to decide not to carry this weight any longer. Today is a good day to set yourself free from carrying all this unnecessary load. Forgiveness will set you free. Set him free and experience freedom. Release him and you will not be a prisoner anymore. You are free. You are light. You are love. You are better. Let go of your grudge and have another amazing day. Namaste. ~ Piero

March 07

March 7. Good morning. Let start this day with gratitude. Today is another day in Heaven. The adventure continues. Who will you meet today? What will you learn? And what lessons will you refuse to learn? What will you teach today? Who will accept and who will reject your gifts? Who will learn from you today? Pay attention. Be alert. Be humble. Be teachable. Be respectful. Be patient. Be kind. Listen. Everyone holds a piece of the truth. Now go forth and have a wonderful day. Namaste.

March 08

March 8. Good morning. It’s another beautiful day in Heaven, isn’t it? Let us pause and become aware of the Magic, the Mystery and the Miracles that surround us and be grateful and happy. Today is a good day to reflect upon our relationships. Today is a good day to go to the center of our beings, to that place of quiet, peace, and honesty, and ask ourselves, “What kind of friend am I? Am I kind? Am I patient? Am I loving? Do I support my friends on their journeys to be the best that they can be? Do I look for the best in them? Do I rejoice with their growth? Do I help them bring out the best in them? Do I help them augment the shining power of their lights so they can better illuminate the world? Do I praise and encourage them? Or do I hold them back with my criticism, fault finding, and censorship? Am I, maybe unconsciously and unintentionally, placing obstacles on their paths and inhibiting their growth?” Think about it and decide to be the best supporter you can be. Now go out and help everyone you meet today feel good about themselves. Make everyone feel that they are special. Help them realize how much good they bring to the world. Be the one who helps them gain speed, not the one who slows them down. Lift them up and they will lift you up. Soar in the heights with them. It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? It’s a wonderful view from above, isn’t it? Enjoy the view. Enjoy the feeling. Enjoy your day. Namaste.

March 09

March 9. Good morning! Today is a good day to practice mindfulness, the art of mindful living. Begin with meditation. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and bring your awareness to your breathing. Pay attention to your body as you breathe. As your attention gravitates away from your breathing — as you notice that you are thinking about something that is not in the present moment — gently release that thought and bring your awareness back to your breathing. Keep doing this for the entire period of meditation. As you go about your day, practice observing your thoughts and bringing your awareness back to the here-now. Be mindful of what you are thinking, feeling, saying, and doing. Observe yourself. Gently bring your awareness to your breathing; this will help you redirect your awareness to the Now. Practice. This will bring you peace. You will be able to notice the many blessings you constantly receive. You will become aware of the Magic, the Mystery, and the Miracles that surround us. You will expand your feelings of gratitude. You will feel whole, perfect and complete. You will feel happy, content and satisfied. Come to the Now. Breathe. Now. You are having a perfect moment. Now. Namaste.

March 10

March 10. Good morning! Today is another beautiful day in Paradise. Let us be grateful and happy. Today is a good day to practice returning to the Now. The Now is all that there is. Nothing ever happened in the past; it always happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will always happen in the Now. The Now is all that there is. We must stop treating the present as a stage in the journey for an imagined better future, as means to an end. Don’t wait to start living. Come back to the Here-Now and live. Today is a good day to practice mindfulness and reduce the unnecessary thinking. Observe your thoughts and gently refrain from engaging with memories and imaginations. Gently release them. Let them go. Come back to the Here-Now. You can do this, for instance, by observing your breathing and returning to that place of peace that you have visited during your periods of meditation. Another way is by paying attention and acknowledging the Magic, the Mystery and the Miracles that surround us. As much as possible, return and stay in the Now. Practice and you will be happier and healthier. Now go forth and bless the world with your present moment peace. Namaste.

March 11

March 11. Good morning! Another beautiful day in Heaven, isn’t it? Today is a good day to practice to be consciously present. As much as possible, be aware of the Here-Now. Practice to observe your thoughts and come back to the Now. Pay attention! Be alert! Be mindful. Liberate yourself from the pain of the past and the anxiety about the future. Gently release your thoughts and come back to the Now, over and over again. Today, you will have a great day full of many mindful moments. Enjoy! Namaste.~ Piero

March 12

March 12. Good morning! Today is another beautiful day right here in Heaven, isn’t it? Today is a good day to reflect about the future. Begin this reflection considering that the future is a construction of your imagination, a collection of thoughts, a bundle of desires and worries. Remember that everything happens in the now. All future events, whenever they will happen, will be happening in the now. So, the way to accomplish a better life, a better world, a better future, is by staying and making conscious choices in the Now. The Now is all that exists, all that existed, and all that will ever exist. So, pause, breathe, and come back to the present moment. Be the silent observer of life, of your thoughts. See how they drag you to the past and the future. Gently release them; let them go so you can be mindfully present. Now, look around and see beauty all around you. Look beyond what you see and see the invisible using the eyes of the heart. Be present and enjoy the journey. Pause and become aware of the Magic, the Mystery, and the Miracles. Give thanks for everything. The better life you desire, the better world you dream of, is being created right now through your mindfulness and the wise choices you make. Pay attention and choose carefully. Now go forth and create a better life and a better world. Namaste.


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