21 Days Peaceful Ways Gentle Journey – Day 20

Good morning,

Today is Day 20 of the 21 Days Gentle Journey.

Today, I invite you to take some time aside to review and evaluate your progress on this Gentle Journey.

So, prepare yourself, and give yourself enough time to go through each one of the following questions calmly.

Go to a place where you can be on your own, without distractions.

Begin by going to the center of your being.

Take your time to ponder before responding the questions. Do not rush. Remember that one of the pillars of the Peaceful Ways method is gentleness with oneself, so be gentle with yourself.

Get a notepad to write down your insights.

Be grateful that the Forces of the Universe have brought you to this Gentle Journey. There is a higher reason for you to be walking along these Peaceful Ways.

Praise yourself for the improvements you have made so far.

If some answers are not what you wished, simply make a note to keep working on those areas that need improvement. That’s all. Do not, and I repeat, do not beat yourself down. Avoid criticizing, judging and condemning your own self. Stay on the Gentle Journey and enjoy the Peaceful Ways.

Here are the questions:

  1. Have you been gentle with yourself?
  2. Have you been giving yourself moments of rest?
  3. Have you been meditating?
  4. Have you been going to the center of your being and asking fundamental questions such as, “Who am I? What do I love? How do I live knowing that I will die? What are my gifts for the family of the Earth?”
  5. Have you been pondering also on the questions, “Who am I not? How do I live knowing that I will never die?”
  6. Have you been able to bring the practice of meditation – acknowledging and releasing thoughts and emotions — to other moments of your life, those moments when you are not ‘formally’ meditating?
  7. Have you been practicing Mindfulness? Have you been living mindfully?
  8. Have you been awake, aware and alert?
  9. Have you been able to be in the here-now, in the zone, lost in the present moment, without thinking of other things?
  10. Have you been expressing gratitude often, throughout the day?
  11. Have you been visualizing?
  12. Have you remembered to check your feelings before asking, and have you been asking what you want in this life from a place of power, knowing and peace and not from a place of lack and need?
  13. Are you reviewing your life goals and practicing creative visualization before going to sleep and as soon as you wake up?
  14. Are you visualizing as if you have already accomplished what you desire and feeling how good it feels?
  15. Have you been developing trust in the Universe and the knowing that you will get all you want or something even better?
  16. Have you written your own positive affirmations and have you been reciting them often, several times during the day?
  17. Have you been asking, “What makes me come alive?”
  18. Have you been introducing the things that make you come alive in your days?
  19. Have you been able to fill your days with feel-good moments, with those things that make you joyful?
  20. Are you doing what you like? Are you liking what you do?
  21. Have you been practicing not to worry?
  22. Have you been practicing not to criticize, judge and condemn others and your own self?
  23. Have you been practicing not to harbor any ill feelings toward others and your own self?
  24. Have you been honest in all your dealings?
  25. Have you been honest with yourself?
  26. Have you been authentic?
  27. Have you remembered who you are and what you are here to do?
  28. Have you been allowing your true self to come to light?
  29. Have you accepted your “Call to Adventure” and are you living out your “Hero’s Journey?”
  30. Have you been following your bliss?
  31. Have you been removing the self-imposed obstacles and allowing Energy to flow freely through you?
  32. Are you working to release the things that hold you back, those things that do not serve the Highest Good?
  33. Have you been working on changing bad habits?
  34. Are you practicing the JFT technique? Are you making and keeping the promises you make for yourself? Are you making and keeping your “Just For Today” commitments?
  35. Have you been in control of your responses? Are you in charge of the space between stimulus and response? Have you been able to choose healthy responses?
  36. Have you been able to “get out of the way,” and allow the Forces of the Universe to work in you and through you?
  37. Have you been exercising kindness, patience, generosity, compassion, love and forgiveness?
  38. Are you the change you want to see in the world?

Practice. Be gentle with yourself.

Practice. Have fun.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
~ Aristotle

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I again invite you to visit that sacred place deep inside yourself, that place of quiet and stillness, that place of silence and rest, and listen what the Universe wants from you and has reserved for you.

Now, let’s start this day with gentleness, gratitude, a disposition to release what is holding us back, and a commitment to allow our highest selves to come to light, just as we did yesterday. Let us make of this a healthy habit.

So here is the affirmation for today, but before reciting it, you know what to do: sit down, close your eyes for a few moments, breathe in and out gently, and go to the center of your being. Once you experience that soothing peace within, say to yourself with conviction and firm commitment:

  • Just for today, I will visualize myself on a Gentle Journey along Peaceful Ways. I see myself fully adopting and enthusiastically practicing the Peaceful Ways method. It comes easily, spontaneously and effortlessly. I am improving every day.

Enjoy your gentle journey along peaceful ways!


P.S. Get your copy of the Peaceful Ways book and read it often. It will keep you on the Gentle Journey.


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