I Am: An Epiphany of Oneness – Part 1

While doing my meditation and self-Reiki on the beach this morning — and watching the majestic show Mother Nature put on — I had an epiphany.

I began my routine, as I always do, expressing gratitude. First, for the reflections of light on the surface of the water, because they take me to another dimension and make me imagine that there is more in the Universe than I can capture with my senses.


Second, I was grateful for the transparency of the water and for being able to see the fish that gathered around my feet while I was standing on the ocean floor. I think they came to say “Hello,” and to remind me that the Divine Miracle is everywhere; it is all around me, and in me. (On a lighter note, I also think that my legs provided some shelter and reference for them in the immensity of the ocean, and I imagined that they were grateful that I was there for them to congregate around. “No need to thank me,” I thought. “I am happy that I can be of service. I am the one who should say, ‘Thank you.'”)

Well, let me open a parenthesis and explain that while I do Reiki, I mentally say some affirmations. They are extremely useful for centering me, and helping me be a better channel for the universal life force energy. Well, the session was going as it usually goes, and I was feeling really good. As I was getting ready to recite my closing affirmations, something extraordinary happened. I suddenly felt a surge of energy running through my body – a tremor, an electric discharge — followed by a calm realization of oneness.

What I felt and understood in that moment is very difficult to describe in words. Language is too limited to explain, but for the first time, I had an understanding of “I Am” that went beyond my prior intellectual comprehension. I felt, understood, and apprehended the “I Am” concept as I never had before. With that, a new set of affirmations instantly came to me. I called it, “An Epiphany of Oneness:”


An Epiphany of Oneness

I look around and see miracles. I look around and see Heaven. I look around and see the Garden and the Playground. I look around and see the Divine Presence everywhere, all around me, and in me. I am part of the whole. Actually I am not a part; I am the Whole. I am

I don’t exist isolated. Separation is an illusion. I am not this little, unconnected, detached, and fearful being that I thought I was. I am the Whole. I am

Only One exists. I am the Universe. I am the Immense One. I am the Whole. I am holy.  I am



I am


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