The Child

I love those moments when night becomes day. Watching the sun coming up on the horizon and coloring our world — the sky, the clouds, the water — is, for me, an unmatchable spectacle. I simply adore this quiet time of observation, reflection and introspection.

I was again at the beach this morning– meditating and watching the sunrise. Birds were gliding effortlessly above the water. Fish were jumping. I felt the cool morning air filling my lungs, and I was grateful for it. I felt the breeze on my skin, and as the sun came up, I felt its warmth on my face. Everything was perfect and serene.

As I was standing at the shoreline, suddenly, out of nowhere, this little child, about two years old, came running to me with open arms and a big smile on his face. He was so close and running with such a clear confidence in me, that I didn’t have time to think twice; I instinctively squatted down and took him into my arms. As I stood and lifted him up, he held my cheeks with both hands, looked me in the eyes, and gave me the most beautiful smile.

I was astounded. I turned around to see where his parents were, but didn’t see anyone else. Awkwardly, it was just the two of us.

His head was now moving in all directions. He was clearly in awe with the beauty around him, looking at everything with the wonder of one who is seeing for the first time. He softly rested one arm on my shoulders, around my neck, and with the other hand he pointed at the sun, the clouds, the birds, as if inviting me to look at them too. I accepted his invitation, and immediately we found ourselves together in a place of beauty where distances shortened and time slowed down.

I looked at him again and noticed that he seemed oddly familiar, and suddenly I realized that the one I was holding in my arms was me. I was that beautiful, innocent child. The Universe had brought me as a little one back to meet me now, at this point in time when I am completing sixty one years of journeying on this planet.

I was instantly filled with immense love for this little boy, a love that inundated me in such an overwhelming way that I began to cry. I was in a state of supreme exhilaration, and uncontrollable tears of joy ran down my face.

There I was, experiencing this colossal love for this child, while holding him in my arms. “What can I tell him?” I thought. “He has his whole life ahead of him. I cannot let this opportunity go by without telling him everything that I have learned. There’s so much I know now. I must tell him not to waste time. I must tell him to pursue his dreams and follow his bliss…” While I was in the middle of my thoughts, the child held my cheeks again, looked me in the eyes, and smiled. With that, I was immediately transported to a dimension of calm and peace where, without uttering a word, I heard him say, “Everything is OK. Everything will always be OK. Don’t worry about anything. Just be grateful, and give away the gifts that you were brought here to give. Don’t hold them back. And know that you are loved. I love you.”

In that moment, in the middle of all my sobbing, I felt the weight of the world being lifted from my shoulders, and I knew that I was healed.

In that very moment, I realized who the real teacher was. I smiled, brought his body closer to mine, hugged him with all tenderness of the Universe, and gave thanks.





Piero Falci is an author and educator who believes that the inner work that leads to personal awakening and transformation is indispensable to create a wholesome world. He is an explorer of the mysteries of life who loves to observe, reflect, and write, and who not only strives to live a life that matters, but also hopes to inspire others to do the same. He is a promoter of peace who believes in advancing the idea that Heaven is here if we want it to be. He teaches mindfulness meditation, mindful living, and the acclaimed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program as taught at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He organizes Silent Peace Walks.


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I Am Here

Liz Velez, my good friend and teacher, wrote something undoubtedly divinely inspired. I asked permission to share her inspired words and she agreed.
My suggestion… Take your time. Read slowly and pause often. Savor the words. Allow this prayer to become yours.
I Am Here
I am not here to make others happy and by making them happy make them love me and admire me.
I am here to listen to the guidance of my inner voice, to discover infinity inside of me, to surrender in the loving arms of God.
I am here to see light… in the sun, in the moon, in the stars, in the eyes of a child, woman, or man.
I am here to feel the fire inside my soul burning doubt, fear, anger away, and bringing forth passion, desire, love.
I am here to recognize God in the eyes of all who come to me, embrace them, see them, know that they are I and I am they.
We are one.
I am not here to possess or own anything.I am here to give everything: my time, the embrace of my arms, the work of my hands, the love in my heart, the light in my eyes. Everything I have is borrowed; it is on loan from the universe.

I pray I can easily give up what does not serve me.

I pray I can easily give my service to all…to God…to the Universe….

May my desires be your desires, Divine Energy within me.

Take me.

Guide me.

Allow me to be an instrument of peace.

Allow me to be an instrument of your divine intelligence.

~ Liz Velez


An Homage to Howard Zinn

On this day, in 1922, a great man was born. I take a moment to remember and honor Howard Zinn. I admire him, and what he stood for. Unfortunately, our world doesn’t have enough human beings like him. He was one of those who had the courage to speak truth to power, and as any who does so, he too was surrounded by controversy. In my opinion, he did what he could to wake us up from our sleepwalking, and make us better human beings. He lifted humanity up.

He left us in 2010.


I would like to encourage you to take some time today to learn more about Howard Zinn. Maybe you can read about him, or read one of his books, or watch the documentary about his life, You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train. Maybe you can take time to reflect, as he did, about the insanity of violence, both the direct violence that men inflict upon men through war, as well as the indirected violence that men inflict upon men through oppression and exploitation.

What follows are parts of the entries about Howard Zinn, from his pages on Amazon and Wikipedia.


From Amazon’s Howard Zinn Page

Howard Zinn (1922-2010) was a historian, playwright, and activist. He wrote the classic A People’s History of the United States, “a brilliant and moving history of the American people from the point of view of those … whose plight has been largely omitted from most histories” (Library Journal). The book, which has sold more than two million copies, has been featured on The Sopranos and Simpsons, and in the film Good Will Hunting. In 2009, History aired The People Speak, an acclaimed documentary co-directed by Zinn, based on A People’s History and a companion volume, Voices of a People’s History of the United States.

Zinn grew up in Brooklyn in a working-class, immigrant household. At 18 he became a shipyard worker and then flew bomber missions during World War II. These experiences helped shape his opposition to war and passion for history. After attending college under the GI Bill and earning a Ph.D. in history from Columbia, he taught at Spelman, where he became active in the civil rights movement. After being fired by Spelman for his support for student protesters, Zinn became a professor of Political Science at Boston University, were he taught until his retirement in 1988.

Zinn was the author of many books, including an autobiography, You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train, the play Marx in Soho, and Passionate Declarations. He received the Lannan Foundation Literary Award for Nonfiction and the Eugene V. Debs award for his writing and political activism.



From Wikipedia’s Howard Zinn Page

Early life

Zinn was born to a Jewish immigrant family in Brooklyn. His father, Eddie Zinn, born in Austria-Hungary, emigrated to the U.S. with his brother Samuel before the outbreak of World War I. Howard’s mother, Jenny (Rabinowitz) Zinn, emigrated from the Eastern Siberian city of Irkutsk.

Both parents were factory workers with limited education when they met and married, and there were no books or magazines in the series of apartments where they raised their children. Zinn’s parents introduced him to literature by sending 10 cents plus a coupon to the New York Post for each of the 20 volumes of Charles Dickens‘ collected works. He also studied creative writing at Thomas Jefferson High School in a special program established by principal and poet Elias Lieberman.

World War II

Eager to fight fascism, Zinn joined the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II and was assigned as a bombardier in the 490th Bombardment Group, bombing targets in BerlinCzechoslovakia, and Hungary. As bombardier, Zinn dropped napalm bombs in April 1945 on Royan, a seaside resort in southwestern France. The anti-war stance Zinn developed later was informed, in part, by his experiences.


On a post-doctoral research mission nine years later, Zinn visited the resort near Bordeaux where he interviewed residents, reviewed municipal documents, and read wartime newspaper clippings at the local library. In 1966, Zinn returned to Royan after which he gave his fullest account of that research in his book, The Politics of History. On the ground, Zinn learned that the aerial bombing attacks in which he participated had killed more than 1000 French civilians as well as some German soldiers hiding near Royan to await the war’s end, events that are described “in all accounts” he found as “une tragique erreur” that leveled a small but ancient city and “its population that was, at least officially, friend, not foe.” In The Politics of History, Zinn described how the bombing was ordered—three weeks before the war in Europe ended—by military officials who were, in part, motivated more by the desire for their own career advancement than in legitimate military objectives. He quotes the official history of the U.S. Army Air Forces’ brief reference to the Eighth Air Force attack on Royan and also, in the same chapter, to the bombing of Pilsen in what was then Czechoslovakia. The official history stated that the famous Skoda works in Pilsen “received 500 well-placed tons,” and that “because of a warning sent out ahead of time the workers were able to escape, except for five persons.”


Zinn wrote:

I recalled flying on that mission, too, as deputy lead bombardier, and that we did not aim specifically at the ‘Skoda works’ (which I would have noted, because it was the one target in Czechoslovakia I had read about) but dropped our bombs, without much precision, on the city of Pilsen. Two Czech citizens who lived in Pilsen at the time told me, recently, that several hundred people were killed in that raid (that is, Czechs)—not five.

Zinn said his experience as a wartime bombardier, combined with his research into the reasons for, and effects of the bombing of Royan and Pilsen, sensitized him to the ethical dilemmas faced by G.I.s during wartime. Zinn questioned the justifications for military operations that inflicted massive civilian casualties during the Allied bombing of cities such as Dresden, Royan, Tokyo, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II, Hanoi during the War in Vietnam, and Baghdad during the war in Iraq and the civilian casualties during bombings in Afghanistan during the current and decade-old war there. In his pamphlet, Hiroshima: Breaking the Silence written in 1995, he laid out the case against targeting civilians with aerial bombing.


Six years later, he wrote:

Recall that in the midst of the Gulf War, the U.S. military bombed an air raid shelter, killing 400 to 500 men, women, and children who were huddled to escape bombs. The claim was that it was a military target, housing a communications center, but reporters going through the ruins immediately afterward said there was no sign of anything like that. I suggest that the history of bombing—and no one has bombed more than this nation—is a history of endless atrocities, all calmly explained by deceptive and deadly language like ‘accident’, ‘military target’, and ‘collateral damage’.



Just for today, I will be grateful – Part 2

This is a compilation of my entries in the Gratitude Challenge, an invitation to write down every day three things that I am grateful for, and do this for seven days. A great exercise! As I said before, “Gratitude is the key that opens the door to the kingdom of Happiness.”

1 – I am grateful for the friend who has challenged me to write down everyday things I am grateful for.

2 – I am grateful for whoever came up with the idea of initiating this challenge. Thank you for listening to the inspiration and taking action.

3 – I am grateful for social media that connects people, and makes beautiful things like this — people expressing gratitude — possible. I am grateful for the great minds and entrepreneurs who created and continue to develop such a wonderful tool that can be used for the good and betterment of the world. Thank you.

4 – I am grateful for my life, this wonderful opportunity to learn, grow, and develop. Thank you, Forces of the Universe, my Mother and my Father, who brought me here.

5 – I am grateful for being able to meditate, and I am thankful to all the many masters who have taught me how to meditate and keep reminding me to meditate.

6 – I am thankful for my family, my loved ones, the ones I love the most, such great companions on this mysterious journey. Thank you for being in my life, and allowing me to experience love to a degree that I never experienced before.

7- I am thankful for my friends, gifts that God gave me. They are my companions and they support me on the journey of learning and growth. How blessed I am for having them in my life!

8 – I am thankful for those moments when I have no worries, and I experience the peaceful confidence that everything is unfolding exactly as it should, that everything is and will be alright, and that there is nothing to be afraid of.

9 – I am thankful for the Forces of the Universe that move me to take action and do what I can, within my possibilities and according to my talents and skills, to make this world a better place. I feel that I am giving my contribution, and that is a very comforting feeling.

10 – I am grateful for cars and paved roads. They take me to beautiful places. I express my gratitude to all humanity, all of you who invented and manufacture wheels, and rubber tires, and the steel and plastic that we use in cars, and screws, and nuts, and bolts. My thank you goes to those who invented and manufacture cars, and engines, and air conditioned systems, and audio systems, and navigation systems, and comfortable seats, and mirrors. Thank you. Thank you. My thank you goes also to all of those who came up with the idea of roads, and how to share them by driving on one side of the road. Thank you goes to those who came up with the idea of traffic lights, bike lanes, and sidewalks for pedestrians. Thank you goes to those who opened and those who maintain the roads I use. I sincerely thank you. Life would be a lot different without all the gifts you give me. You make me realize that whoever believes that he or she is totally independent, is a big fool. We are completely interdependent. And I am also immensely grateful for realizing this.

11 – I am grateful for the blues and greens. I am grateful for the blue skies, and beautiful green vegetation. I am grateful for Mother Nature. I am grateful for all of those who take care of their gardens, or someone else’s gardens. I express my gratitude to landscapers and gardeners. You make our Garden and Playground more beautiful. Thank you.

12 – I am grateful for the authors who share their wisdom with me, and teach me how to live a better life.

13 – I am grateful for the reflections of light on the surface of the water; they take me to another dimension and remind me that there is more in the Universe than I can capture with my senses. I am grateful for seeing the light of the sun reflecting on the surface of the ocean this morning and for the awareness it brought up.

14 – I am grateful for the transparency of the water and for being able to see the fish that gathered around my legs while I was standing on the ocean floor. I am grateful because they reminded me that we are all One single organism and that the Divine Miracle is everywhere: all around me and in me.

15 – I am grateful for my wife, who stood up in her paddle board and off she went on her paddling adventure, standing on water! She reassured my belief that this is our Playground, and that we are here to enjoy and be playful, not to be somber and struggle. Thank you.

16 – I am grateful for having the means to take care of my health, and for being inspired to exercise, eat a healthy diet, stretch my muscles, and sleep peacefully. I am grateful for those who encourage and support me on this journey of fitness and health, especially my lovely wife.

17 – I am thankful for being able to reflect and put my fears in perspective. Everything is OK and will be OK. Life is unfolding as it should. I am where I am for a reason. There are lessons to be learned and contributions to be given. Everyday I remember the Reiki precept, “Just for today I will not be afraid!” What am I afraid of? I think about those who leave their home islands and risk their lives on tiny boats to come to our shores. They arrive here with nothing, except with the hope that they will have a better life. They come here and survive, because there’s compassion, love, and generosity in all of us. Once and for all: there’s nothing to be afraid of. I am grateful for the message, “Be not afraid.”

18 – I am thankful for friends who are generous and share. I am especially thankful today to our friends who invited us to spend the day at their beach condo. Thank you, dear friends. What goes around comes around. You do good and it comes back to you. Immense good is coming your way.

19 – I am thankful for Reiki, for all the masters that came before me, especially my immediate teachers. I am thankful that I have the time, the possibility, and the commitment to do my self-Reiki everyday. What a gift! Thank you.

20 – I am grateful for my house, my garden, my shower, the water that comes out of the faucet, my appliances, and the food in my refrigerator and pantry. Thank you, all of you, who I don’t personally know. Thank you for making available to me all the things that make my life so much more comfortable. Thank you.

21 – I am thankful for the Epiphany of Oneness that I had this morning as I was doing my self-Reiki on the beach while watching the majestic show that Mother Nature put on for me.


An Epiphany of Oneness

I look around and see miracles. I look around and see Heaven. I look around and see the Garden and the Playground. I look around and see the Divine Presence everywhere, all around me, and in me. I am part of the whole. Actually I am not a part; I am the Whole. I am

I don’t exist isolated. Separation is an illusion. I am not this little, unconnected, and detached being that I thought I was. I am the Whole. I am

Only One exists. I am the Universe. I am the Immense One. I am the Whole. I am holy.  I am



I Am: An Epiphany of Oneness – Part 2

An Epiphany of Oneness

I look around and see miracles. I look around and see Heaven. I look around and see the Garden and the Playground. I look around and see the Divine Presence everywhere, all around me, and in me. I am part of the whole. Actually I am not a part; I am the Whole. I am

I don’t exist isolated. Separation is an illusion. I am not this little, unconnected, detached, and fearful being that I thought I was. I am the Whole. I am

Only One exists. I am the Universe. I am the Immense One. I am the Whole. I am holy.  I am


 I Am

I had my “I Am” epiphany in the morning, and later that day, I had a conversation with Peggy about Centering Prayer. She told me how blessed she felt for the many gifts that had been bestowed upon her throughout her life, and that she felt called to give back, putting those gifts to good use. She told me that she was going to do a presentation about Centering Prayer to a group in the church, and I mentioned to her the documentary about Father Thomas Keating that I had watched recently. Peggy was not aware of the documentary, so I went on the computer and showed her the trailer. Well, I was blessed by another synchronicity, another God-incidence. Father Keating’s words came as a reassurance of the message I had received earlier in the day. His words were a blessing to complement my blessing.


Please, take a moment to watch the trailer. Father Thomas Keating is one of the three individuals who brought Centering Prayer as an organized method of meditation to us.

Here are Father Keating’s words that resonated with me:

— Interviewer: “Someone once wrote that ‘you can never see God because God is not an object, God is the subject.’ Can you comment on that?”

— Father Keating: “You can’t see God, because when you are God, there’s nothing to see.”

My insight: I don’t exist isolated. Separation is an illusion. I am not this little, unconnected and detached being that I thought I was. I am the Whole. I am. ~ Piero

Is it not written in your Law, “I have said you are gods.” ~ John 10:34

On that day you will realize that I am in my father, and you in me, and I in you. ~ John 14:20

RTS - Thomas Keating - VidCap - F

“The gift of God is absolutely gratuitous. It is not something you earn. It is something that is there. It is something that you just have to accept. This is a gift that has been given. There’s no place to go to get it. There’s no place you can go to avoid it. It just is. It is part of our very existence. And so, the purpose of all great religions is to bring us into this relationship with reality that is so intimate that no word can possibly describe it.” ~ Thomas Keating

Father Thomas Keating

My insight: I look around and see miracles. I look around and see Heaven. I look around and see the Garden and the Playground. I look around and I see the Divine Presence everywhere. I see the Divine Presence all around me and in me. I am part of the whole. Actually I am not a part; I am the Whole. I am. ~ Piero


“… humans can be participants in the Divine Nature. Grace is a participation in the Divine Nature, not just something added on, like an overcoat. It is a radical transformation of the whole of human nature so that it can be a divine human being, meaning it can exercise freedom, compassion, love.” ~ Thomas Keating

“Our project is not just to become a better human being, as desirable as that would be for our friends and relatives, but it is to become a divine human being, or to learn how to live human life in a divine way. The project is the transformation of individuals and, at some point, of the whole human family.” ~ Thomas Keating


My reflection: … the more I meditate about it, the more I am convinced that what we really need is for humanity to embrace a new paradigm. We need new visions for a better future. We need more and more people to wake up and see different possibilities for living and thriving together. What we need is a widespread understanding of who we really are. Once we understand who we really are, and what life really is, we will see differently, and then a change for the better will happen.

In order to bring justice and peace to our world, we need more and more individuals having profound transformational experiences which change the way they see everything: themselves, others, the environment, the planet, the cosmos, the Universe…

I am convinced that the awareness of our oneness, the one that emerges from those awakenings, those deep personal transformations, is essential to bring about more unselfishness, solidarity, justice and peace to the world. So, in my opinion, what we need for peace to prevail in our world is a bigger contingent of individuals with this evolved understanding of who we really are. Great ideas of how to organize ourselves to live in a more just society will not take us too far without a large contingent of evolved individuals. Personal transformation is essential for the success of societal transformation. Personal evolution precedes successful social progress.

There have always been individuals who went through these transformative experiences and who developed this new understanding, but they have always been a small fraction of the world population. In order for the world to radically change for the better, we need more of those evolved beings, and in order for their numbers to grow we need to demystify the current belief that enlightenment is hard and can only be achieved by a few gifted individuals. We need to disseminate the idea that awakening and expanded awareness is at hand. We need to encourage everyone to engage in meditation, mindful living, and any other practice that may lead them to attain that new consciousness that will not only allow them to experience Heaven, but also enlist them in the work of revealing Heaven on Earth. ~ Piero


If you feel inspired to watch the documentary about Father Thomas Keating, the DVD is available at the store of Contemplative Outreach. I highly recommend it.


A Rising Tide of Silence (the movie) is a reflective portrait of Father Thomas Keating, one of today’s most influential spiritual leaders. Interweaving historical footage, interviews, and extensive conversations with Father Thomas, the film traces his spiritual journey from an affluent New York City childhood, to an austere Trappist monastic life, to his rise through the Order, and his election as Abbot of St. Joseph’s Abby in 1961. While at the Monastery in the early 1970’s Father Thomas introduced Eastern religious practices to the monks and became one of the originators of Centering Prayer. After resigning as Abbott in 1981, Father Thomas founded Contemplative Outreach in 1984 to bring Centering Prayer to a worldwide audience. A renowned theologian and author of more than 30 books, Father Thomas Keating is widely recognized for his ecumenical approach to spirituality. For those who encounter him, his example is a moving modern journey of faith.


P.S. This article was written on August of 2014. Since  then, Peggy has left this physical dimension. I keep the lovely, gentle, and smiling Peggy Kuntz in my memory. We are all one.


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I Am: An Epiphany of Oneness – Part 1

While doing my meditation and self-Reiki on the beach this morning — and watching the majestic show Mother Nature put on — I had an epiphany.

I began my routine, as I always do, expressing gratitude. First, for the reflections of light on the surface of the water, because they take me to another dimension and make me imagine that there is more in the Universe than I can capture with my senses.


Second, I was grateful for the transparency of the water and for being able to see the fish that gathered around my feet while I was standing on the ocean floor. I think they came to say “Hello,” and to remind me that the Divine Miracle is everywhere; it is all around me, and in me. (On a lighter note, I also think that my legs provided some shelter and reference for them in the immensity of the ocean, and I imagined that they were grateful that I was there for them to congregate around. “No need to thank me,” I thought. “I am happy that I can be of service. I am the one who should say, ‘Thank you.'”)

Well, let me open a parenthesis and explain that while I do Reiki, I mentally say some affirmations. They are extremely useful for centering me, and helping me be a better channel for the universal life force energy. Well, the session was going as it usually goes, and I was feeling really good. As I was getting ready to recite my closing affirmations, something extraordinary happened. I suddenly felt a surge of energy running through my body – a tremor, an electric discharge — followed by a calm realization of oneness.

What I felt and understood in that moment is very difficult to describe in words. Language is too limited to explain, but for the first time, I had an understanding of “I Am” that went beyond my prior intellectual comprehension. I felt, understood, and apprehended the “I Am” concept as I never had before. With that, a new set of affirmations instantly came to me. I called it, “An Epiphany of Oneness:”


An Epiphany of Oneness

I look around and see miracles. I look around and see Heaven. I look around and see the Garden and the Playground. I look around and see the Divine Presence everywhere, all around me, and in me. I am part of the whole. Actually I am not a part; I am the Whole. I am

I don’t exist isolated. Separation is an illusion. I am not this little, unconnected, detached, and fearful being that I thought I was. I am the Whole. I am

Only One exists. I am the Universe. I am the Immense One. I am the Whole. I am holy.  I am



I am


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My Political Views – I Am Basically in Favor of…

I am going to share my political views now. Ready? Here I go…

I’m basically in favor of everything that protects, celebrates and enhances life.

I’m basically in favor of everything that lifts people up, supports them, and creates conditions for them to give the best contribution they can give to the world.

I’m basically in favor of everything that preserves and takes good care of this planet.

I am basically in favor of everything that enhances this beautiful garden and awesome playground that was given to us.

I am in favor of us playing together, having a good time together, and sharing our toys.

my politocal views

I am basically against anything that kills people and destroys the planet we live on.

These are my political views.


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An Appeal for Sanity – Part 7


If you are in any way involved with violence, especially the direct violence that wounds and kills children, I implore you to  stop.


We are all members of the same family, the Human family. Every child is ours. Please, protect the children.

“When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.” ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti


The moment you identify yourself with one tribe, and vow loyalty to that tribe, you separate yourself from the whole.

The moment you create an “Us,” you create a “Them.”

The efforts you make to separate yourselves — the efforts you make to avoid miscegenation and keep your tribe “pure” — create the monsters that will eventually haunt you.

Every action you take to isolate yourself breeds a potential violent reaction. What you believe is protecting you, is what, in reality, is endangering you.

Howard Thurman People

“People, all people, belong to each other. And he who shuts himself away, diminishes himself, and he who shuts others away, destroys himself.”  ~ Howard Thurman


So, here some new guidelines to live by:

  1. Say “No” to the tribes that exclude others.
  2. Refuse membership in exclusive clubs.
  3. Leave the gangs, all gangs, not only the most notorious ones, but also the gangs created by religion, ideology, and national pride.
  4. Don’t look for refuge and safety in the ghettos populated by those who look and think like you. Go out and explore.
  5. Be suspicious of those who profess, “We are right, they are wrong. We are good, they are bad.”
  6. Say “Yes” to diversity and inclusion.
  7. Mingle, blend, mix, associate, combine, join, unite with everybody.
  8. Embrace diversity.  Promote unity. Create community.


The old paradigm of a world divided in tribes, clans, gangs, and nations that engage in power struggles and fight one another must be replaced by the new paradigm of the whole humanity working together as a species to protect the planet and enhance everyone’s life.

We need to set aside our differences and transcend our petty tribal identities.

We have to realize that, in fact, we are not different one from the other, and that those who invent and magnify differences among humans are the ones who, in several ways, benefit from animosity and conflict.

We must go beyond the damaging loyalty to our little gangs, and understand how this misplaced loyalty is endangering our future.

Instead of seeing ourselves as members of different religions, nations, ethnicities, schools of thought, political groups, or bands of brothers, we must see ourselves as fellow crew members of the same endangered spacecraft who must work together in order to maintain it in perfect conditions, so it may be able to continue its journey through the cosmos.

We must replace the illusion that we are separated from one another with the understanding that we are all interconnected.

We must remember that we are all descendants of the same ancient parents.

We are members of the same family.

We are all brothers and sisters.

We are one.


Let’s keep in touch.

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What Can I Do? – Part 2

Find the peaceful energy in the center of your being and take action from there.

In the middle of all world’s noise and confusion, pause and listen to your inner voice.

Discern what causes call you to action, and then, take action, no matter how tiny.

Do something, anything.

Do what you are called to do.

Give your contribution using your unique set of talents and skills.

Begin by taking action in the environment close to you.

Act within your circle of influence.

Take the first step, then the second, and continue on, one step at a time.

Cultivate your inner peace.

Be the peace you wish to see in the world.

Since we are all interconnected, your peaceful thoughts, emotions and actions affect the world; they add to the energy of peace that one day will prevail in the world.

Get together with other people who, like you, also dream with a world of justice, peace and unity, those who are already in action to bring this new world about, or those who don’t know yet exactly what to do, but want to do something.

Work together.

Slowly, little by little, your circle of influence will expand, and maybe one day the circumstances will be right and you and your friends will have a huge impact in bringing about social justice, peace, unity, and the overall betterment of the world. You will be instrumental in creating a new world where violence, both direct and indirect, will no longer exist. You will manifest a world without crime and war, without oppression and exploitation. You will manifest a world of justice, peace, compassion, kindness, and generosity.

Peace, lots of peace.



Encuentre la energía pacífica en el centro de su ser y actúe desde allí.

En medio del ruido y la confusión de todo el mundo, haga una pausa y escuche tu voz interior.

Discerní lo que te llama a la acción, y, a continuación, haz algo, no importa cuán pequeño.

Haz algo, cualquier cosa.

Haz lo que estás llamado a hacer.

De su contribución usando su conjunto único de talentos y habilidades.

Comience tomando acción en el entorno cercano a usted.

Actúe dentro de su círculo de influencia.

Tome el primer paso, luego el segundo, y siga adelante, un paso a la vez.

Cultive tu paz interior.

Sea la paz que desea ver en el mundo.

Ya que estamos todos interconectados, sus pensamientos pacíficos, emociones y acciones afectan al mundo; ellas se suman a la energía de la paz que un día va a prevalecer en el mundo.

Reúnete con otras personas que, como tú, también sueñan con un mundo de justicia, paz y unidad, los que ya están en acción para crear este nuevo mundo, o aquellos que todavía no saben exactamente qué hacer, pero que quieren hacer algo.

Trabajen juntos.

Poco a poco, su círculo de influencia se expandirá, y tal vez un día las circunstancias estarán correctas, y tú y tus amigos tendrán un enorme impacto en el logro de la justicia social, la paz, la unidad y el mejoramiento general del mundo.

Paz, mucha paz.



What Can I Do?

What follows is what I told my friend Penelope, who asked me what else she could do to stop violence.


Dear Penelope,

Rest assured that you are doing the right things.

Continue to fill your heart with love and spread love to all around you.

Practice inner peace and be peaceful.

Your peaceful energy adds to the energy that eventually will bring about world peace.

Be the most generous, patient, loving, giving and forgiving person you can be to your family members, friends, the members of your many communities, as well as strangers and enemies.

love and peace sign

Be a peaceful and comforting presence always.

Be the one who provides protection.

Be the one who provides a secure place to relax and rest.

This, in itself, is an ENORMOUS contribution to stop violence.

Then, go to the silence, listen to your inner voice. It will tell you what to do.

Everyone is different. Everyone has different talents and skills. Everyone has different gifts to give.

But realize that you are already doing a lot.

You are a blessing to the world.

Be well, my friend. Thank you for being who you are.

Peace and Unity,



For those of you who want to do something, here are two practical suggestions:

1 – Initiate a monthly Silent Peace Walk in your community. All the instructions can be found at

2 – Organize, in your community, a celebration of the International Day of Peace which takes place every year on September 21. It can be as simple as inviting people to share coffee and conversation, and talk about peace.

Remember: The best thing you can do is to be the peace you wish to see in the world!



Lo que sigue es lo que le dije a mi amiga Penélope, quien me preguntó qué podía hacer para detener la violencia.


Querida Penélope,

Tenga la seguridad de que usted está haciendo las cosas ciertas.

Continúe a llenar su corazón de amor y propagar amor a tu alrededor.

Pratique la paz interior.

Sé pacífica.

Su energía pacífica se suma a la energía que va a generar la paz mundial.

Sé la persona más generosa, paciente, amante y perdonante para los miembros de su familia, amigos y los miembros de sus muchas comunidades.

Sea una presencia tranquila y reconfortante siempre.

Sea la que proporciona protección.

Sea la que ofrece un lugar seguro para relajarse y descansar.

Esto, en sí mismo, es una contribución ENORME para detener la violencia.

A continuación, vaya al silencio, escuche tu voz interior.Ella le dirá qué hacer.

Todo el mundo es diferente. Todos tenemos diferentes talentos y habilidades. Todos tenemos diferentes dones para dar.

Pero se de cuenta de que ya estás haciendo mucho.

Usted es una bendición para el mundo.

Quedate bien, mi amiga.

Gracias por ser quien tú eres .

Paz y Unión,



Para aquellos de ustedes que quieren hacer algo, aquí hay dos sugerencias prácticas:

1 – Inicie una Caminata Silenciosa por la Paz mensual en su comunidad. Todas las instrucciones se pueden encontrar en

2 – Organize en su comunidad una celebración del Día Internacional de la Paz que se celebra cada año el 21 de septiembre. Puede ser tan simple como invitar a la gente a compartir café y conversación, y hablar de paz.

Recuerde: La mejor cosa que puedes hacer es ser la paz que desea ver en el mundo!



Prayer For A More Humane Humanity

I pray for the cessation of all violence.

I pray for the end of use of all deadly force.

I pray for the end of all oppression and exploitation.

I pray for the end of all pain and suffering.

I pray for justice for all.

I pray for less selfishness and more unselfishness.

I pray for less competition and more cooperation.

I pray that we all may experience an existence completely free from worries of not having enough for our survival.

I pray we may all see Planet Earth as a place of abundance, where there is more than enough for everybody.

I pray for the end of the fear that leads to accumulation.

I pray that we all may see Planet Earth as our Garden and Playground.

I pray we all may see Planet Earth as a gift that was given to us to enjoy.

I pray we all may be able to share this gift, make it better, have fun together in it as playmates who share their toys.

I pray we all may use our lives to become more loving, generous, patient, tender, kind, compassionate, and forgiving human beings.

I pray we may all be able to find ways of giving our best contributions to the world.

I pray we all engage in the work of helping others find the positions from where they can give their best contributions to the world.


Then world peace will be real.

Then we will reveal Heaven on Earth.

It is possible.

We just need to embrace this new paradigm.


Let’s keep in touch.

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