Cultivators of Peace

What makes a good friend?

A good friend is an unselfish giver, someone who is constantly and generously giving love, understanding, and consolation.

A good friend is patient and kind.

A good friend is someone who cares, and who tries his best to tell the truth in a careful and gentle way, because he loves his friend and wants to preserve the friendship.

Do you want peace in your life? Forgive. If you have been hurt, forgive. Forgiveness is a component of peace. Be unselfish and forgive. Think about it for a moment… The incapacity to forgive is an expression of selfishness. Forgiveness stems from unselfishness.

What good telling yourself that you are right and your friend is wrong is bringing you? What good being self-righteous and not moving from your entrenched position is bringing you?

Don’t allow someone else’s bitterness to make you bitter. Pour your sweetness upon them and be blessed. Their sweetness will grow, overflow, and bless you.

Become a practitioner of peace. Become a cultivator of peace. Become a teacher of peace.


Empathize. Feel the other person’s pain. Forgive. Give love. Bring about peace.