Mystics without Monasteries

The mystical experience is a beautiful occurrence in one’s lifetime, one that profoundly changes those who go through it. Once it takes place, you begin to see things that you weren’t able to see before. You begin to have singular thoughts that are quite different from those you once held. You begin to question the predominant and widely accepted values of our modern, materialistic culture. You begin to reflect on what life really is and why we are here. The mundane themes of conversation don’t seem important anymore. And because your interests change, you begin, involuntarily, to isolate yourself. In the process, you even question your mental sanity.

Since you had a glimpse of what the spiritual realm looks like, not only you want to share this experience, but also want to get together with those who had similar experiences of the Divine, and hear what they have to say. You look for companions for your spiritual journey.

I first heard the expression ‘Mystics without Monasteries’ from my friend Liz. She described them as those individuals who, having had mystical experiences, begin to perceive the presence of the Divine everywhere. This new state of awareness radically expands their understanding of what life is, and alters their behavior in this world, leading them to respond to life’s challenges in non-traditional, somewhat unexpected ways, with much more unselfishness, kindness, patience, generosity, forgiveness and compassion. They become those individuals who emanate a calming energy and whose sole presence brings healing and peace.

I found interesting that when Liz was describing those ‘Mystics without Monasteries,’ I felt that she was describing herself. This is who she is: a calming presence that brings healing and peace.

Liz told me that she heard the expression in ‘Entering the Castle,’ a live lecture on the nature of mysticism by Caroline Myss.

What attracts me in this concept of ‘Mystics without Monasteries’ is the idea that anyone can have a transformational, mystical experience. I am at a point in my life that I want to help demystify the current belief that the mystical experiences are reserved only to a few gifted, highly evolved individuals. I want to demystify the idea that only hard work can lead to a close encounter with the Divine. I want to popularize the idea that anyone can experience communion with God.


Here’s my easy-to-follow 3 step formula:


1 – Pay attention! Be alert!

The Divine is present everywhere, all the time.

Pay attention! Be alert!

Seek and you will find.

Look and you will see.

2 – Connect. Communicate. Commune.

Seek connection with God all the time.

Communicate with God all the time. Seek to listen to what God has to say to you, all the time.

Reach a state of supreme communion with God, a state where there is no separation. Feel the connection, the unity, the communion. Feel that we, all of us, everyone and everything in the entire universe, are one.

3 – Remember. Recognize. Reveal.

Remember to connect, communicate and commune with the Divine everyday.

Recognize the Divine every moment, everywhere, in every situation, in every person you meet.

Reveal the Divine Presence to everyone you meet. Become a ‘Mystic without a Monastery,’ one of those individuals who emanate a calming energy and whose sole presence brings healing and peace to the world, just like my friend Liz.

There you go: three easy steps that will take you to become a mystic without a monastery. Go for it!