Healing Presence

May your life be like smooth sailing on a clear day.

Get on the boat, open the sails, set the course, and enjoy the ride.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the clear sky, the refreshing breeze, the translucent water.

Marvel at all the beauty of the world.

At least for a while, allow the winds and the currents to take you wherever they want to.


You are here, now.

You are paying attention.

You are awake and alert.

You remember to recognize the Divine Beauty.

You remember to connect, communicate and commune with the Divine Source.

You are like a beautiful sponge that absorbs reality with joyful acceptance.

You are grateful.

You are happy, content and satisfied.

You experience calm. You emanate serenity. You are like a shining light that irradiates peace.

You are a healing presence wherever you go.





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