No Whining, No Worries, No Regrets

What kind of life is this? Complaining about the past, being grumpy about the present, and pessimistic about the future? This certainly is a miserable life; definitely not the kind of life I want to live.

Life is too short.

Yes, I’ve made mistakes, but who hasn’t? Yes, I’ve lost some opportunities and made some bad choices, but isn’t all that part of the human experience? Isn’t that the way we learn? And aren’t we here to learn? We may look back and think we haven’t made the best choices, but every choice we made moved us to a new experience, and allowed us to learn something new.

Life is too short for regrets.

I agree that we should not forget the past. Actually, we cannot forget the past, but instead of constantly revisiting our misfortunes and moaning about them, we should redirect the spotlight to illuminate all the good times we had, all the good things we have, while entertaining visions of all the fantastic times that lie ahead of us.

Life is too short for whining.


We should not allow our minds to be our worst enemies. If we keep rehashing the bad things of the past, bad mood settles in and immobilizes us. If we keep criticizing others and complaining about the present situation, we get discouraged and less capable of improving it. If we look at the future with fear and hopelessness, we drown in anxiety, lose sleep, and worry ourselves crazy. What good unrestrained worries can produce? Nothing good for sure. Worrying is nothing more than using our imagination to create something we don’t want.

Life is too short for worries.

When I think about all the good I have done, all the lives that I have touched in a positive way, and all that I have accomplished in my lifetime, I feel successful. When I think about all that I have, I feel wealthy. When I imagine future possibilities with optimism, I become enthusiastic about life. And this, in a nutshell, is what helps create a better life: to be grateful and optimistic.

I believe that the sanest way of living, the one that produces the most peace, is living as much as possible focusing on the present moment, the task at hand, and the person who happens to be in front of us at any given time. I believe we should focus on the positive, be optimistic, and give thanks all the time.

So here’s the formula for a good life: no whining, no worries, no criticism, and no regrets. Live in the present enjoying the presents, being grateful and optimistic.

“Life is good! Life is great! I love my life, and I love my wife!”



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