Love and Gratitude… Again and Always

Feeling down? Try gratitude.

Gratitude is the best antidote to sadness.

Whenever I am present, in the moment, I look around and find things to be grateful for. I see beauty, and give thanks. I think about the mystery of life, and smile.

Here’s the magic formula for having more of what you like: express gratitude. What you are grateful for sticks around, so make it a habit to give thanks for the things and the people you like. When you engage in the practice of giving thanks, you are training yourself to pause, notice and acknowledge what you like; you are actually training yourself to see the many blessings you already have in your life. If you keep paying attention and observing, you will, more and more, notice and acknowledge the things that you like. Through that practice, the things you like will become more evident, more visible to you. Soon, you will find yourself completely surrounded by the things and the individuals that you like. It comes with practicing gratitude. You will then realize that the good things have always been there, and it was you who may have chosen to focus your attention on what was not so good.  So, make it a habit to practice gratitude. Pay attention and notice the beauty that surrounds you, and give thanks. Pause and count your blessings.

Express gratitude constantly and you will have more of what you like in your life.


There is a lot of love in this world and I am grateful for it. Think about it… only with loving care can the defenseless and vulnerable newborns survive. Whoever is alive – whoever has ever lived — has been a recipient of love. I was surrounded by love, and I, too, surrounded my little ones with love. I continue to receive love all the time, in abundance, and I make it my job to give love, all the time, in abundance.

Life is a time of giving and receiving love; sometimes we receive more than we give, and other times we give more than receive. Sometimes we are the ones actively taking care of others. Other times we are in the receiving end, accepting someone else’s loving care. There is neither beginning nor end in this flow of love. It is in giving that we receive, but it is also in receiving that we give.

If things follow the natural pattern, we come into this world, receive loving care when we are young, give it when we are adults, receive it again, in greater degree, when we get old, and then we leave.

Life is made of arrivals and departures, births and deaths. There are lots of things that we don’t know. Our final destination, for instance, is a mystery. But there is one thing that we know for sure: our stay here will be much more enjoyable with love. So, love and be loved. Love and allow yourself to be loved. Give and receive. And be grateful for everything.

Love and gratitude, again, and again, and again. Always.



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