Perfect… Just The Right Time

I read that the Universe is 13.7 billion years old.

Time is relative, isn’t it? Isn’t our perception of time dependent on the situation? If we are involved in something pleasant — if we find ourselves “in the flow” — time flies. On the other hand, if not, time moves slow. An hour in an enjoyable situation feels like a minute, and a minute in an unpleasant situation feels like an hour, right?

We treat time as a fixed resource. We all came to agree that there are only so many hours in a day, and only so many days in a year, but what if we saw it differently? What if we assumed that we can create time? What if we said to ourselves, “I am time. I am the source from where time comes from. I am the one who creates it, and I can make as much of it as I want. I can generate all the time I need, so I am never pressed for time.” How does this statement make you feel?


I think about time and the human life. Life is a mystery, an adventure. We don’t know why we came, or how long we are going to stay. We come, stay for a short while, and then we leave. Some stays are shorter than others. I remember friends who left early, maybe too early; they didn’t stay for too long.

“Why are some stays shorter than others? Where do we go when we leave, if anywhere? Why are we here? What for?”

Big questions… no satisfactory answers.

Maybe we are here simply to go through this adventure, and help others go through theirs. Perhaps we are here to try to live out the reasons why we came, whatever they may be. Maybe we are here to find ways to give the contributions that we are supposed to give, and to support others on their journeys to reach their full potential, so they may be able to give the best contributions that they can give. Who knows, right?


13.7 billion years… 5 trillion days…

Enough… One day at a time.


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