Day 7 of the Silent Journey

If faith can be defined as believing in things that cannot be proved, then I have faith.

I have made the conscious choice to believe that I am, at the same time, both human and divine.

I have chosen to believe that this planet is an educational campus, and that I am enrolled in a course called Life.

I have chosen to believe that I was given this life, and came to this planet, to learn the lessons I need to learn, and, also, to be used to teach some lessons to others.

I have chosen to believe that I am, at the same time, both a student and a teacher, and that all other beings on this planet are students and teachers too.

We were all endowed with the power to choose; the power to exercise our free will and make our own choices. I have made the conscious decision to believe that this world, with all its contrasts, was deliberately conceived to be a training ground. I have decided to embrace the idea that this is a place that, by design, is meant to give us countless opportunities to make choices, so we can practice, and, hopefully, get good at making the right ones.

I have consciously decided to believe that I am here to learn to properly respond to whatever may happen to me. I believe that, while I am here, I will be exposed to a series of situations – some good, others bad — that will allow me to practice and get better at my responses. Therefore, I believe that what happens to me is less important than how I respond to what happens to me. I am here to take responsibility for my life… to master the ability to respond properly.