Day 4 of the Silent Journey – I Am Whole, Perfect and Complete.

On the inside, I feel — or I want to believe — that I came here, to this world, for an important reason: to give a major contribution, to leave a mark. But, the more I think about it, the more I realize that this desire — the desire to do something remarkable — is coming from my ego and its need to feel important.

“To leave a mark! To give a major contribution!” sounds grand and impactful, but it is also something vague, completely undefined. “To leave a mark! To give a major contribution!” does not describe, clearly and precisely, what it is that I am trying to accomplish. And if I don’t know exactly what it is that I am trying to achieve, how will I ever know if I have already achieved it or not?

The truth is that a vague and undefined goal cannot be achieved; it never will.

But what if this desire to achieve big things is what keeps me going? Could it be that without these desires I would lose interest in life? What if I replace the desire to do something big, with the desire to master my desires, with the desire to have no desires? This would be a an interesting goal to pursue. But the desire to have no desires is still, in itself, a desire. It is a big goal. So, here I am again trying to do something remarkable. Here I am, again, hoping to achieve, in the future, something that will make me better. Again, I can recognize the ego in action.

If I keep aspiring to accomplish something great in the future, I put my focus on the destination and I forget about my present location and situation; I forget to enjoy the journey!

When am I going to learn, once and for all, that it’s about the journey, not the destination?


I realize that by living with this feeling that there is something to be achieved and conquered, I cannot be at peace. I realize that by holding feelings that something is missing, I condemn myself to keep looking. I realize that by entertaining feelings that my life is not complete, I am cornering myself.

Enough already! This has to stop! I need to get out of this trap! I must find the way out of this labyrinth! I have lived with these feelings my entire conscious life, and I need to liberate myself. And the way to liberate myself is to declare that I have already achieved whatever it is that I have been pursuing!

so, here I go…

I, hereby, solemnly declare that I have already given a major contribution to the world.

I, hereby, solemnly declare that I am whole, perfect and complete.

I, hereby, solemnly declare that I thoroughly understand that my major contribution to the world is to live every moment of my life as a whole, perfect and complete individual.

Everything is perfect. Nothing is missing. And because nothing is missing, there is nothing to look for. Therefore I can stop whatever quest I may be on, and relax. I can simply live, and enjoy a carefree life.

I can enjoy the presents in the present.

I can be present, as a present, in the present, for those who are present.