Day 3 of the Silent Journey – Can You Get Yourself Out Of The Way?

I need to get myself out of the way and allow myself to be fully present.

I need to get my thoughts, my evaluations, my comparisons, my judgment, my criticism, my self-importance, my need to be right, my over-thinking, my fears, my expectations… I need to move all these things that are cluttering my head out of the way.

If I am always in my head, then I am always either in the past or in the future. If I am always in my head, I cannot be here, now.

Am I going to do what I think I should be doing? Or am I going to yield, surrender, listen to God, and do what God wants me to do?

Do I want to listen to God? Do I want to discern God’s point of view? Or I don’t?

Do I want to hear what the Forces of the Universe have to tell me? Or I just want to listen to myself?

Am I going to embrace the spiritual life the way I think it should be, or the way God has prepared it for me?

I need to get myself out of the way and allow myself to be fully present. But this shouldn’t be a battle. It shouldn’t be a struggle. I must carry this out effortlessly, joyfully, gently… with joy, ease, and lightness.


I should not think too much! I must allow myself to be present, to be here, now, in this precise moment, open to the exploration, and listening carefully to the inspirations.

I will, gently and effortlessly, without struggle, move myself out of my own way.

I will give myself permission to be present, in the present, as a present.