We Just Won!

This is a true story…

It was past midnight, and there we were, the two of us, calmly driving home after work.

“I wouldn’t quit work,” he said. “I would probably work less, but would not quit. I would pay all my bills, everything that I owe. After that I would help my children. And I would help you, my brother.” He took a moment and then asked, “And what about you? What would you do?”

“I wouldn’t go for a life of luxury. No, I don’t need this. But I would certainly get me a new home — one that wouldn’t require so much maintenance — and a new car too. I would enroll in the courses and retreats that I have always wanted to attend but could not afford. I would study more, read more, write more, and teach more. I would help the world, especially through education. And I would help you, my brother.”

It was a beautiful and quiet night. The streets were empty and we were retracing the same route we had been on so many times before, while dreaming of what we would do if we won the lottery.

And, then, suddenly, that car that was facing us — the car that, clearly, visibly, and undoubtely, was waiting for us to go through the intersection before it would make the left turn — that car started to move, and it put itself right in the middle of a collision course.

No time to think. Instinctive reaction. That car is right in front of me. Hit the breaks. No, it won’t work; the car is not going to stop. Release the brakes. Turn the wheel. To the right. Not too hard or the car will flip over. He must have seen me. He is stopping. He’s in the middle of the intersection. There’s a way out. To the right. I’m passing the car now. I see it on my left. I didn’t hit it. It didn’t hit us. Course correction. Gently. To the left now. Back on track!


No other cars! No curb! No poles! No trees! Thank God!

Shaking and shocked, we asked one another, “What was that? What has just happened?” And amazing as it may sound, the two of us had the same thought, and in a matter of seconds came to the same conclusion… “You know what just happened? Let me tell you what happend: we just won the lottery!” And we smiled, grateful for our lives.
That’s exactly what happened.

Moral: You may dream about what you don’t have, but be grateful for what you have: your loved ones, your family and friends, and your career, however humble. Be grateful for this beautiful planet. Be grateful for your life and enjoy it while you are here. This is the big prize!