Day 18 – Cameron Park

Bill and I said our goodbyes to Tim and Mark and his family, left San Francisco, and we are now on our way to Cameron Park where Bill lives. We go through the Golden Gate Bridge once again to catch I-80 to Sacramento.

It is a pleasant ride. We have the opportunity to get to know more about one another, our lives and our families.

When we get to Cameron Park, Bill shows me something very interesting that I have never seen before: a residential development where people bring their airplanes to their homes.

The streets connect directly to the airstrip and they are wide enough for the small airplanes to taxi to and from the homes. Pilots can commute from home to destination without ever leaving the plane.

Bill brought to my attention the height of the mailboxes explaining that they are kept low so they do not interfere with the wings of the planes. Amazing!

I read that some of the folks who live there commute to work each day by plane. Living in the airpark provides them the opportunity to work in the big cities while enjoying the peace and serenity of the country setting of Cameron Park.