Day 18 – San Francisco or Bust!

The Golden Gate, the gateway to San Francisco… The Forces of the Universe brought me here… I made it!

Am I happy?

Am I ecstatic?

Am I elated?

I made it! From the northernmost city on the Oregon Coast all the way down to San Francisco… I made it, without obsessing with schedules or performance, but paying attention to life and remaining open to the winds of fate. Great lessons learned.

The journey continues!

Day 18 – Life is what happens while you’re making plans

Well, this is a line from the song “Beautiful Boy,” written by John Lennon… “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

I met Bill, Tim and Mark in Myers Flat, as planned. I tell them about the broken spokes, how timely our reunion is, and how happy I am to see them.

Bill and his pickup truck in Myers Flat

They ask me about my travel plans. I tell them that I would appreciate if they can drop me closer to San Francisco, maybe in Santa Rosa, and that from there I will resume the biking. They want to know more… “Well, I have a wedding to attend in Lake Tahoe and I want to be there on the 24th,” I tell them.

“I live close to Lake Tahoe,” Bill tells me. “That’s where I am heading to today. Why don’t you come with me? You can stay at my place for as long as you want before heading to Tahoe. Actually, this would work out perfectly because instead of Tim having to come with me, he can stay in San Francisco with Mark. He was coming with me basically to help me with the driving, but if you come with me there’s no need for him to come.”

I think about my plan of staying for one or two days in San Francisco before heading to the wedding. I think about repaying a big favor with a small one. I think about the saying, “what goes around comes around.” I think about remaining open to whatever the Forces of the Universe throw at me. I think about guardian angels.

“Is there a bike shop were you live? ” I ask Bill, thinking about the need to pack and ship the bike back to Florida.

“Yes, there is a huge bike shop in Folsom, a few miles from Cameron Park where I live.”

“OK. We have a deal. Let’s go! I’ll go with you. This is actually great. Thank you, so much!”

I seal the deal giving Bill one of my hugs. Everyone smiles.

Mark is driving

I have learned to say “Yes.”

Maybe I am being protected…

Maybe I am not meant to spend time in San Francisco during this trip…

Maybe I have to spend time with Bill and his family…

Maybe I have lessons to learn…

Maybe I have lessons to teach…

Again, I reflect on how fortunate I am, and I am reminded that life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

Bill offers me the front seat... "You're taller. He shares the back seat with his brother Tim.



Life is good!


Day 18 – How fortunate I am

Tim asked me to meet him in Myers Flat which is only 4 miles south of the campground where I spent the night. They will be leaving Eureka this morning and Myers Flat is a convenient location along their way for them to pick me up.

It is a beautiful morning. I am happy that I will see Tim, Bill and Mark again, and grateful that they have agreed to take me with them. I say goodbye to Jane and Adam — after helping them decide what part of India they will visit after the wedding 🙂 — hop on the bike, and off I go.

When I am about to arrive in Myers Flat two rear wheel spokes break, one right after the other. The wheel loses its alignment and is now rubbing against the break pads, making it very hard to proceed. I have no way of fixing that; I am not carrying any extra spokes with me. I’ll have to stop at a bike shop.

I stop for a moment to reflect how fortunate I am. This is the perfect time for a mechanical problem. Not only I am miles away from the nearest bike shop — and it would be troublesome to get there — but the spokes broke right before I am getting a lift. I think to myself, “Isn’t that great? How lucky I am!”

Yes, call me Pollyanna. I am an optimist and I like that. I believe that there is always an upside in every situation. We can always find good in the bad.

Let me sit here in this park, relax, enjoy this beautiful blue sky and the warmth of the morning sun on my face while I wait for them to arrive.

I keep thinking, “How fortunate I am!”

I keep smiling.

Life is good.