Day 17 – Avenue of the Giants

We give ourselves too much importance. We are not that important. Few human beings live for more than a century. These trees have been around for millennia.


See the bike? Look again.

John Steinbeck wrote, “The redwoods once seen, leave a mark or create a vision that stays with you always… from them comes silence and awe. The most irreverent of men, in the presence of redwoods, goes under a spell of wonder and respect.”


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Day 17 – Eden

This is it! This is The Garden! It was given to us. It’s ours.

I can hear the voice of the Universe saying, “Here it is. It’s all for you. Enjoy and have lots of fun!”

“Welcome and Congratulations! You’ve made it! You are in Heaven.”

“You don’t have to look for it, hope for it, or pray for it anymore. Here it is. It’s all yours. Enjoy!”

“Just take good care of it. Take good care of all life on it. Take good care of all the people you meet. Be kind and generous.”

“Be not afraid. There’s more than enough for everybody. Just love, care and share.”

“Be not afraid.”

Day 17 – Dairy Farms

I left Ferndale, and after a pleasant encounter with Anna I am back on the road, on my way to the Avenue of the Giants.

The road passes through beautiful places! Pastures, isolated dwellings, trees, hills, and cows, lots of them…

The name on a plaque in front of one of the dairy farms I pass by catches my attention.

“Wasn’t I having a conversation about Brazil just a few moments ago?”

Back to my book… Coincidences are manifestations of the Divine Mystery, so “Pay Attention! Be Alert!” They shouldn’t be referred to as coincidences. I have a better name: God-incidences.

It is a beautiful day. Life is good.

Day 17 – The Folks in Ferndale

It’s around 9:30 AM and I am stopping at the Cream City Cafe in Ferndale for a warm beverage.

I park my bicycle outside and as I walk to the counter located in the back of the restaurant to place my order, I pass by a large table full of older folks in an animated conversation. I remind myself of the old advice, “Be the first one to say Hello,” and so I open up a smile and say “Good morning.” We immediately engage in a conversation. They want to know where I am from and where I am heading to.

When I mention that I am Brazilian, Anna tells me of her Portuguese origins. Her family came from the Azores Islands and she tells me that there was quite a large number of Portuguese immigrants coming to the area. I tell her that I lived in a city in Brazil that was originally populated by immigrants from the Azores Islands. We exchange some words in Portuguese and she tells me about family members that she lost contact with but that she would like to see again.

Jack and Liz Langholz, Patricia Minehardt, and Anna Godinho Toste (sitting)

We have a lovely conversation about Portugal, Brazil, the US, and how life puts us on different paths… how we get to know new people and lose contact with other folks.

As I leave, I reflect about the quote that some people are in our lives just for a season, but everyone is in our lives for a reason.

We are all students and teachers for one another, and we all are put in situations where we can learn and teach. We just need to Pay Attention and Be Alert. So I remind myself, “Piero… Pay attention! Be alert!”

I ask myself, “Why did I have this encounter? What lesson did I have to learn, or be reminded of? What lesson did I have to teach?”


Day 17 – Ferndale

I’m on my way to my destination: the campground in the Avenue of the Giants.

I have decided to leave the main highway and explore the country roads.

The exploration takes me to Ferndale, a little town full of beautiful architecture, surrounded by beautiful dairy farms.

It’s mid-morning and I am going to stop to get  me a hot chocolate to warm me up.