Day 15 – The Girls in Arcata

Taylor told me to follow her and she took me to her house. She lives with Mackenzie and Jenny, two beautiful young women.

Jenny offered me a slice of a delicious banana bread and a refreshing glass of water, and I told them about my journey. I showed them my blog and we watched together the trailer of the movie The Way .

They told me that they are considering biking down the Oregon Coast in the future, so I showed them the maps I have been using, and told them to check the Adventure Cycling website.

Mackenzie, Jenny, Taylor

I told them about my son’s birthday and a few moments later Mateus was receiving his Happy B-day picture card… directly from Arcata, OR to Cambridge, MA, in a few seconds, thanks to the marvel of wireless telecommunications.

I told the girls that it was time for me to continue my journey to Eureka, where I was planning to spend the night, and the girls said, “No, don’t go there. Stay in Arcata. It is better and much safer.”

“OK, if the girls are telling me to stay in Arcata, that’s what I am going to do,” I said to myself. I have been paying attention to what people have been telling me. These have been my guardian angels, and when they speak, I listen and obey.

They told me where the hotels were located and suggested the APD – Arcata Pizza and Deli as the place to eat.

We hugged, wished each other a happy life, and said goodbye.

Later that evening I went to APD. Alone at my table, I raised a glass of the legendary Boonville Beer and, with gratitude in my heart, silently renewed my wishes of happy lives for the girls.

Yes… Connecting. Making friends. Being generous. Having fun… this is what makes life meaningful.

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