Day 16 – Wine and Cheese at the Avalon

Text # 1 – from Steve – “Just got done watching show on TV about wine and cheese, filmed in Arcata, CA.”

Text # 2 – from Steve – “Not wine, beer and cheese.”

Text # 3 – from Steve – “They were at a restaurant called Avalon.”

Steve sent me these messages about the TV program he saw. Before leaving Arcata that morning I asked several people where the Avalon was and they told me that it wasn’t in Arcata, but in Eureka. So, when I arrived in Eureka, I located the Avalon.

Tim came to have dinner with me and I told him the story. He agreed to check the Avalon out.

We ordered wine and cheese and it was a pleasure again to spend time with Tim.

My friend Tim

It was early evening and we were the only ones in the restaurant. There was very little noise. We could talk without having to raise our voices, and we also were able to clearly listen to the music coming from the piano. It was very enjoyable.

Tim was very kind and insisted to pay for everything. I thanked him for his kindness.

My text to Steve – “Just enjoyed some wine and cheese at the Avalon in Eureka with my friend Tim listening to good piano playing. Life is good!”

Reply from Steve – “Enjoy, because regular life SUCKS.”



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