Day 16 – Arcata to Eureka

I am planning to meet Tim in Eureka today. That’s the only plan I have.

I really don’t have plans for the rest of this trip. The only thing I know is that I have to be in Lake Tahoe on the 24th for the wedding. I also know that some day between today and the 24th I will have to ship the bike back to Florida. That’s it. I am open to whatever may come.

I leave Arcata and soon a much younger and stronger guy is biking by my side. He slows down to match my speed, and asks, “Are you touring?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Where from?”

“Astoria, Oregon.”

“You are the man!” he tells me with a smile of admiration.


Josh is riding a super light road bike. He tells me that he commutes daily by bike from Arcata where he lives to Eureka where he works. “12 miles each way,” he says.

We talk for a few minutes about his desire to do some bike touring and then Josh says, “Sorry, I need to go. I have to get to work,” and he takes off. It amazes me, over and over again, how some people can make bikes go that fast. In a few minutes he is out of my sight. Amazing.

I get to Eureka, stop at AAA to ask some questions. They give me good advice and a bunch of maps. I make some calls, and finally I bike to the Motel 6 where I’m gonna spend the night.

Francois and Max from Paris, France

Later I meet Francois and Max from Paris who are biking from San Diego to Vancouver. I ask them where they are coming from and they tell me that they are coming from the campground on the Avenue of the Giants. I ask them how far is it and Max looks at the odometer and tells me, with his French accent, “77 kilometers.” I tell them that maybe I’ll go to that campground tomorrow.



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