Day 15 – Trinidad

Today is the 20th birthday of Mateus, my youngest son. In this short period of time, he has already touched many lives in profound ways. He has certainly made the world a better place and me a better man. I am in awe with his journey. I admire him and owe him a lot.

I ate a nice breakfast this morning in Trinidad.

Trinidad is a little and beautiful town on the Northern Coast of California. It’s a place full or artists and, for what I could see, old and young hippies. It was interesting for me that I — this old surfer, who had his hippie days, and who still loves peace and unity, and the music of the ’60s — felt like a fish out of the water; a stranger in a strange land. I looked around and I didn’t immediately identify myself with what I was seeing. I guess that a transition from South Florida to Northern California is not automatic; it must take some time. Well…

There is a scenic way south of Trinidad, and it is beautiful.

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