Day 12 – Mother’s Day

I woke up and the first thing I did this morning was to call my wife to tell her how much I love her. I told her that I consider myself to be extremely fortunate because she is such a good mother.

I am a lucky man. I have a wonderful family. My two sons are much better men than I am. We love one another. And I recognize my wife’s doing in all this.

Later that day I met Juanita, at the front desk of the ShipaShore Motel in Smith River.

She is a lovely lady, working the 3 to 11 shift. She was born in 1941 and has 7 children (4 of them adopted). She told me that she had a wonderful Mother’s Day and that her house was full of flowers.

Later that evening she invited me for dinner. She said, “I have food here, and it is enough for two. Would you like to eat with me?” I said, “Yes.”

And I had a wonderful dinner with Juanita. I thought about kindness and generosity again. I thought about my mother and my wife. I recognize how blessed I am.

May Juanita’s generosity spread and touch many other lives as it has touched mine. Maybe I’ll remember this meal with her on Mother’s Day and be a more generous man.

We shared a good hug. And Junita told me,”If you want to have a good life, you have to give or get 4 hugs a day!” I smiled.

Day 12 – Veni Vidi Vici

I came!

I saw!

I conquered!


I want to thank everyone. Steve, who inspired me and made this journey possible. Thank you.

My wife for supporting and encouraging me all the way. Thank you.

My sons, for inspiring me to do this journey so it may may inspire them in the future. Thank you.

To all my friends. Thank you.

To all my foes. Thank you.

To all of those I met along the way and wished me a safe trip. Thank you.

I conquered the Oregon Coast on a bike in 12 days. I am proud of my accomplishment. It was grueling sometimes (these hills are no joke!) but it was a joy the whole time.

I am beyond happy!

I am alive!

Now the journey continues down the California Coast.

I appreciate everyone’s words of encouragement. I am reading them, even though I don’t have time to answer. Please, keep them coming. Thank you.


Day 12 – Stacy

We met Stacy at the viewpoint. She is from Rochester, NY. She came to Oregon to visit her friend from college. They graduated from Florida State University.

“I like your shirt,” I told her. It read, “I love Mom.”

“Yeah, I could not be with my mom today, so, at least, I’m wearing the shirt.”

“Good daughter,” I said to myself.

Day 12 – Happy we hooked up

“I like the way we have been traveling together, you know? Taking our time. Taking it easy. I am happy that we hooked up.”

Tim and I shared a room last night in Gold Beach Inn and we may do the same today in Smith River.

Tim is funny. he has a word that he uses all the time… Bitchin’

It has several meanings. He uses it, for instance, like I use ‘cool.” Instead of saying, “that’s cool!” Tim would say “That’s bitchin’!”

Eating last night's pizza on the road

When we got to Brookings today he saw Taco Bell. He said he had to have the bean burritos. “You know, our trip has been bitchin’, but bean burritos.. that’s really bitchin'”

The burritos really helped him go faster. Maybe it was the unexpected jet propulsion added to his biking.

I am enjoying his company a lot.


Day 12 – The Canadians

I met Paul, Kyle and Liane this morning, just a few moments after getting on the road. They are from Vancouver.

Kyle is 38 years old, a lawyer. He told me, “Well, I took 6 months off. I guess I am going through my mid-life crisis.”

I told Liane that she has the same name as my Auntie.

Liane was coming out of an accident. She lost control of her bike while she was going down Humbug Mountain. There was sand in the shoulder and she could not control the bike. She fell and hit the pavement hard. She left some skin there, but she is alright.

I asked her if she gave me permission to write about her accident. “Yes, go ahead… as long as my mother doesn’t read about it.”

DISCLAIMER: Liane’s mother, if you are reading this, please know that your daughter is a lovely and very strong woman. You should be proud of her. Liane, if your mother is reading this, I wasn’t the one who gave her the blog address.

Be safe, friends. See you on the road!