Day 11 – Truth

Dairy Queen Super Duper Ice Cream Cones

Tim took me to Diary Queen in Gold Beach. He had a kid’s smile all over his face, His eyes were shining with anticipation. “You have to have one of these.”

He came back with the largest ice cream cones I’ve seen in my life.

Panthers Den Pizza
Later that evening, when the sun was setting down, we went for pizza and beer at the Panther’s Den Pizza and Deli. Tim and I carried out deep philosophical conversations. We shared our current beliefs about life. At the end, Tim said, “I came to conclude that I don’t have a monopoly on truth… and that is the truth.” 
... with Breanna Sorbello
Breanna was our attentive server. She was very sweet.


Day 11 – Because we can!

I was awestruck by the beauty around me.

“Life is good! Why do we create so much drama?” I asked Tim.

“Because we can,” he answered.

Later that day, I commented, “I am a surfer. Some surfers don’t want to share the waves, and become aggressive. During this week I have seen thousands of wonderful surfable waves go by with no one riding them.  There’s such an abundance. There’s so much available for everyone. Why do we fight?”

He looked at me and said, with a half smile, “Because we can!”

Day 10 – A cabin in the woods

Well, I passed Langlois and went to a campground in Denmark (Oregon… not Europe!)

I was going with the tent, but the site they assigned to me was cold and humid… a shaded area where the sun never shines. I guess these campgrounds are fantastic during the hot summer months, but they are not funny when it’s 40 degrees outside, at least not for this thin-blooded Brazilian-Floridian. So, I went back and I upgraded to a cabin, which, by the way, has a little electrical heater inside..

Tim is staying in the cabin next to me. He cooked dinner and invited me to eat with him.  He’s a nice guy… interesting, intelligent and funny. He reminds me of Bira, who is married to my wife’s sister, and of Ire, a friend from the time I lived in the house by lake on the Brazilian coast.

We will be riding together tomorrow.

Day 10 – Tim

Tim is from Hilo, Hawaii.

He rides an old 10-speed Peugeot. Actually he rides a complete new bike that he created based on a 1978 Peugeot frame.

He was a social worker for more than 20 years. He was taking care of the old disabled fellows and also in the child protective services. Then, 3 years ago, his brother died of cancer in New Mexico, and this was a life-changing event for him. “It was nasty, man… lung cancer… and it spread to other parts of his body. His death really hit me. It changed my life. I said to myself, ‘That’s it. I’m done with work. I’d better do something with my life. I don’t think I need to work anymore.’ So I went back to Hawaii and I quit my job. I still work, but in part time jobs.”

“What kind of work do you do?”

“I push the broom around. I am a janitor, and I love it. I have no responsibilities, and I can work around the schedule. It works for me.”  

He is going to Eureka where he will meet some relatives. Maybe I’ll hook up and ride with him for a while. Let’s see.