Day 10 – I know where Bono lives…

It wasn’t easy…

Many times I thought of giving up, but I kept remembering the mandate, “Never give up. Never surrender.”

So I just kept on plugging along, one foot after another, toughening through.

It was a challenge in persistence and perseverance.

It took the best of my investigative skills…

After much hard work and intuition I was able to find where Bono lives…


Day 10 – Coos Bay to Langlois

It was a beautiful day to ride. Some steep hills but I feel that I am getting tougher.

I met Linda today.


Linda is from Central California. “I’m 50. I work for the police. It’s been 23 years now. It was time to take some time off.” Her journey will take her from the border of Canada back home. She is riding a light road bike and not carrying any load. Her mother is driving and carrying all the stuff.

We met on the side of the road. She pointed at my panniers and said, “I admire you guys, but this is not for me. I don’t want to carry anything. I just want to ride as fast and as far as I can.”

She rides close to 100 miles a day. “I thought I was going to cover 1,500 miles in 15 days, but I will not be able to make it. This road is humbling me. I am in pretty good shape, at least I thought I was, but I developed a tendinitis and I am just pushing through it.”

“Well, we have some tough hills ahead of us.”

“Yeah, and we will just have to keep on plugging along.”