Day 4 – Sequoia

I had brought with me the lights we played with during Katie’s Sweet Sixteen. They change colors and do all sorts of neat things. I thought they could improve my visibility during my bike journey.

I am not sure why I brought them with me to the dinner. I guess I was meant to give the lights to the kids. That’s what I did, and it made them very happy.

Sequoia, Petra & Anessa

We sang a little, and then I left.

A few moments after leaving I realized that I had forgot my bag so I went back. When I was leaving for the second time, Sequoia came running and stopped me down the dark road. “Piero, I want to say goodbye and sing for you.”

And there she was, Sequoia, in all her majesty, singing. She moved the lights around and created the most visually attractive spectacle I’ve seen in a long time. I took the headlamp from my head, sat on the floor, and directed the light at her, as if she was on a stage. She sang for me, only for me, and touched my heart deeply.

I realized that Sequoia is an old soul, a powerful teacher, an indigo child, a master in time travel. She made an old man travel back to a time of innocence.

I thanked her. I told her that she will make many people happy as she had just made me happy. We hugged each other and said goodbye.

The Forces of the Universe brought us all to Camp Lookout at the same time, so we could meet, and create meaningful moments in our lives.

Yes, there is magic, and it is unexplainable. We just have to pay attention, and remain open.

Day 4 – Cape Lookout

I met Kurt, Sarah, Nathan and Carolee at the beach. I asked if they could take my picture and handed them my camera. We started chatting. Kurt figured out that I was Brazilian and that was pretty impressive. They wanted to know where I was heading to. Finally they invited me to stop by their campsite and have dinner with them that evening.

Adults – Nathan, Carolee, Kurt & Sarah / Kids – Petra, Sequoia & Anessa

It was a magical evening! Seven wonderful human beings. Petra and Anessa are Kurt’s and Sarah’s daughters. Sequoia is Nathan’s and Carolee’s. They shared their good food and wine with me and we engaged in deep conversations.

They wanted to know more about me and why I was doing the solo adventure. I gave them the long version — if you are curious, read “The Way,” one of my initial blogs. Carolee and Nathan had just recently watched the movie. They got it.

Nathan and Carolee

They asked me about my life, my career. I told them all the many, many, many things I have done. Carolee called me a Renaissance Man.

Nathan reflected about what happens with people when they get to end of their lives and look back. He asked me if I knew about Erik Erikson and psychosocial development. I said I didn’t but that I would check it out.

Kurt and Sarah

Kurt told me that he is closing his business. He is going through, what I call, a process of death and rebirth, in need to define a new professional identity. We joked about what he was going to do next, and somehow we decided that his next venture will be a scuba diving business in Turks & Caicos.

Carolee told me about her spiritual experience in Colorado. We talked a lot. In the middle of our conversation I felt that in some profound spiritual way we knew each other already. It was a sudden realization that our paths had crossed before, maybe in past existences… who knows? I regret now that I didn’t acknowledge what had just happened, especially because I believe that she also had a similar insight.

We could keep on talking for years, but it was time to leave.


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