I Own My Decisions

Jameson told me, “I am trying to own my decisions. Once I make a decision, I live with its consequences. If something goes wrong, I don’t complain. I know it was my decision.”

“We have to be mindful,” he went on. “We have to remember that we have to stop and think. We have to stop, ponder the alternatives, and decide. We have to be mindful.”

Owning our decisions - Seaside, Oregon

Laurel and Jameson have decide to cross the country, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, on their bicycles. They are raising money for Bikes Without Borders. I am going to learn more about this charity when I have a chance. Here’s the address of their website:


Good people... You can tell by the smiles

Please, check their website, and send them words of encouragement. They are adorable human beings and they were a special treat for me on the first day of my journey.




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