Day 2 – Nice Shelter

The Inn at Manzanita.

Well, take a look at the place! Quite different from the campground I thought I was going to spend the night.

A hot shower and a fireplace brought some life back to this body. I gave myself time to rest and rebuild strength. I was able to  wash and dry my clothes. I was able to clean the bike (I never saw it this dirty!) and lube the chain. I got organized again. I even cooked my own dinner! Stopping here was the right decision.

Time to sleep now, and the bed is comfy. Good night! Let’s see what the future reserves for me tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day 2 – Nice Shelter”

  1. Piso laminado no quarto ao invés de carpete, que raridade. Gostei do lugar. Depois desse descanso deve estar com gás pra fazer umas 100 milhas no dia 3! hehe

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