Day 2 – An abbreviated ride

Haystack in cannon Beach

Imagine a rainy, foggy, windy and cold day. Now imagine it again, but ten times worse than before. That’s the second day of my journey.

The daily rainfall today broke a 110 year standing record! Can you believe it? I really chose my dates well!

There was so much water around me that I thought, “If we could use this water, just what is raining down today, and redirect it to places that need it, there wouldn’t be a single desert left on the face of the Earth.”

It is easy to understand why Oregon’s vegetation is so exuberant. Water! Unlimited amounts of water!

Why am I smiling? It must be my joyful nature...

Well, high pressure here, low pressure there, and here I am with 40 – 45 mile per hour headwind gusts climbing these never-ending hills. My average speed must be 3 to 4 miles per hour. The wind is blowing so hard that I have to dismount and walk the bike. Safety first!

Temperature is 10 degrees below average, and I am soaking wet. I am constantly wiping off the raindrops from my glasses. I am happy with the helmet cover; it works well. I am also happy that I am carrying a waterproof camera; a normal camera wouldn’t make it. I deeply regret I did not put my shoe covers on; my socks, my shoes, my feet, wet, wet, wet!

I am shivering and I need to raise my body temperature fast, before hypothermia kicks in. Time to make a decision. I am at the beginning of my journey and I should not get sick. I am doing this to enjoy and have fun. I am far from where I planned to be but I’m gonna stop anyway. I am calling it a day and check in the first hotel I come by.

The Inn at Manzanita, it is.

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