An Evening of Kindness and Generosity

Day 1

There’s a lot to be said about those who have the kindness to open up their homes to strangers. These are really special human beings!

Lottie and Team

Lottie and Tim invited us over to their house to make our journey a little bit more comfortable. There is a lot of kind and generous people in this world.

Lottie's yard

We pitched our tents on their yard.

They showed warm hospitality with a cup of tea and freshly baked cookies. They invited us to use their bathroom and take a warm shower. They allowed us to cook dinner in their kitchen. They introduced us to their dogs and cats. Tim built a bonfire in the backyard to warm us up.

They let us in. Nothing fake. Nothing to hide. Pure simplicity and authenticity.

Lottie shared a little bit of her story and some tears came to her eyes. I felt honored that she allowed me to be there in such a special moment of her life. I thanked her for creating a special moment in my life.

I shared with her the story of my boat. The boat that was useful to cross the river became a burden once I got to the other side. I carried it for a long time but the moment came when I could not carry it any longer; it became too heavy. Once I realized that it had served its purpose, and that there wasn’t a good reason to carry it, I left it behind.

“You know, Lottie, I chose not to tell the story of my wounds any longer. It may have been useful for me for a while, but a time came when I had to let it go; I released it, and it released me. I chose then to tell a different story, a story of blessings and gratitude. I learned that we all can rewrite our scripts… at anytime.”

Jameson prepared a healthy dinner with fajitas, rice, beans and vegetables.

Le Grand Chef

I am going to my tent now. I am going to dream about the gifts that I have received. This was fantastic kick-off for my adventure. How lucky I am to be the recipient of so much kindness and generosity.



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  1. Gentileza atrai gentileza, não é verdade? Espero que a gororoba tenha sido saborosa pq a aparência não estava lá essas coisas! kkkk

    Abs, Shigueo

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