Sleeping on the New

Last night, I decided to test the air mattress and the sleeping bag that are going to be my companions in the nights to come.

The air mattress, manufactured by Big Agnes from Steamboat Springs, CO, is 78″ in length. I am a 6′ 2″ guy, so I didn’t have any problems there.

The 2.5″ thickness took care of my 190 lb easily. No problem.

Big Agnes Air Core - 20" x 78" x 2.5"

What I didn’t like was the width. It is somewhat narrow (20″ wide) and while laying on  my back my arms were resting on the floor because there wasn’t not enough room left on the mattress to support my arms. I didn’t like that. I realize that 20″ is the standard width, but I know that they also offer pads that are 25″ wide. I’ll check them out in the future.

For more information on the Big Agnes air mattress check this site

Yes, it is an air mattress and you have to blow air into it. When I saw the valve for the first time I didn’t know what the grey and black parts were for. So I checked their website and found the following instructions… EZ-Flate Valve instructions: Twist black part of valve counter-clockwise to open. Blow into valve to inflate Hold gray portion of valve in mouth while spinning black portion clockwise to close.

The Grey and Black Valve

The sleeping bag is great. It is a Marmot Mavericks 30 Semi Rec Long.

Excellent! Check it out…

Marmot Mavericks 30F/-1C
Mavericks 30 Semi Rec Long,173

When purchasing a sleeping bag, make sure to buy one that is made of fast-drying synthetic materials. You don’t want to be sleeping in a soggy sleeping bag several days after it accidentally got wet.


Yes, I knew it wasn’t be as comfortable as my bed.

I also know that I will appreciate my bed and my mattress and my pillow and everything else a lot more when I come back from the trip. No doubt about it.


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