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“With a higher spiritual consciousness, and the realization that we all are one, all separation in
nations, clans and tribes will eventually vanish, and so will the need to defend territories, beliefs,
and ways of life.”
Piero Falci
Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Living
Piero Falci teaches meditation and the art of living mindfully.
He goes around the country facilitating the Mindfulness
training (a 8-week program), as well as workshops on

Facilitator of Personal Development
Workshops and Retreats
Piero Falci faciliates the Retreats of Renewal which are based
on the belief that the secret to joy and serenity is to be who
we really are and do what we know we have been called to do.
Peaceful Ways Workshops and Retreats of Renewal create
opportunities for individuals to develop the courage to allow
their authentic identities and purposes in life to emerge,
guiding individuals to remove the obstacles that prevent them
from living authentic lives.
For more information please visit the Peaceful Ways website:

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and
Workshop Facilitator
Piero Falci is a training and coaching professional with DAPA.
He facilitates workshops to enhance:
- Leadership Skills
- Communication Skills
- Diversity and Inclusion, Cultural Competency, and Sensitivity
As a management consultant in the field of Diversity and
Inclusion, Piero is often called to coach individuals when
prejudice and discrimination issues arise.
For more information please visit the DAPA websites

Active Parenting Workshop Facilitator
Piero Falci facilitates workshops for parents to become better
Invite Piero to speak

Motivational Speaker
Piero Falci is a dynamic and upbeat speaker who entertains
and inspires individuals from all walks of life.
Invite Piero to speak

Meeting Planner, Facilitator, Master of
Piero Falci is at the helm of Effective Meetings, an
organization dedicated to create successful events.
Piero plans and facilitates Workshops, Strategic Planning
Sessions, Team-Building Events, Seminars and Conferences.

Counselor and Coach
Piero Falci is a professional counselor and career coach.

Explorer and Inspirer
Be inspired by Piero's explorations. Follow him through his blog.

Promoter of Peace and Unity
Piero Falci is the Program Director of One Planet United, a
humanitarian organization dedicated to inspire people to
"embrace diversity, promote unity, and create community."
He is the organizer and facilitator of a series of community
building and educational events, such as the "Dialogues in
Diversity" where individuals from different backgrounds get
together to learn more about one another, and "consciously
unlearn some of the prejudices that they have unconsciously
Additionally Piero is the creator of the "Silent Peace Walks."
Piero is also in the organization's Board of Directors and
Speakers Bureau.
For more information please visit the One Planet United


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