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Piero Falci continues to spread his life-enhancing messages to men and women from all
generations and walks of life. He speaks to all kinds of audiences, young and old, from
business leaders to at-risk youth, from successful professionals to those facing the
uncertainties of life. His words give, to all of those going through critical
moments of change in their lives, a renewed hope and energy to overcome their fears
and face the challenges with a positive attitude.

Piero speaks on topics such as:

  • Living an Attentive Life: Cultivating Inner-peace and Finding
    Happiness in the Present Moment
  • Five Life-changing Practices: Mindfulness, Gratitude, Acceptance,
    Forgiveness and Service
  • Centering Practice and Contemplative Living: from Silence and
    Solitude to Simplicity and Service

  • Improving Human Relations
  • Human Rights and Civil Rights
  • Peace and Nonviolence

His presentations vary from 60-minute keynote speeches to workshops and retreats.

Piero can be that perfect speaker that will fit your event objectives.

Contact Piero at 954-914-1202 or at

“Listen to me, and to everyone else, but reach your own conclusions. Do not follow anyone blindly.
You must find your own answers.”     –   Piero Falci
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