Reinventing Yourself

We know everything that there is to know about ourselves, right? And we are constantly telling everyone, including our own selves, “I am like this. This is the way I am. This is the way I’ve always been. I can’t change, and I never will. It’s too late for me to change now.”

But what about throwing all these certainties away, and assuming a posture of not knowing who we are? What about activating and using the “I-don’t-know mind” in place of the “I-know-it-all mind?” What about dropping those old labels and repetitious, victimizing, self-defeating stories that we keep telling ourselves about ourselves? What about considering for a moment that we are not who we think we are? What about using a “beginner’s mind,” not an “expert’s mind,” letting go of all that we think we know, remaining open to explore with curiosity who we really are and also who we are not, and perhaps, with surprise, discovering ourselves anew?


Who you were does not need to define who you are, and who you are does not need to define who you will be. This is a new day. This is a new moment. This is a new you. The you that is here now is not the same who was here yesterday, or a moment ago.

You are free.

You don’t need to keep seeing as you have always seen. You don’t have to keep believing as you have always believed. You don’t need to keep reacting as you have always reacted. You don’t need to keep telling yourself the same anguish-producing stories you have always told. You don’t need to live with the same demeaning labels others have given you and that you have mindlessly accepted.


If the current labels, identities, self-definitions, and stories you have been retelling do not serve you anymore, abandon them. Drop the unnecessary load you have been carrying and embrace who you are today. Embrace yourself in the present moment with spaciousness, lightness, and freshness. Where you were is not as important as where you are, and where you are heading to.

Look with new eyes and see the new in the old; see new possibilities for yourself. If necessary, invent new stories about yourself, stories of victory, and let go of the stories of your wounds. Get new narratives, better ones, ones that enhance your health, well-being, and the overall quality of your life. You are free to do so. You are free to reinvent yourself at any moment. Go ahead and do it. Just do it!



The Optimist Creed


“An unexamined life is not worth living.”

“We must consciously unlearn what we have unconsciously learned.”

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”



Piero Falci is an author and educator who believes that the inner work that leads to personal awakening and transformation is indispensable to create a wholesome world. He is an explorer of the mysteries of life who loves to observe, reflect and write, and who not only aspires to live a life that matters, but also hopes to inspire others to do the same. He is a promoter of peace who believes in advancing the idea that Heaven is here if we want it to be. He teaches Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Living, and the acclaimed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program as taught at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He leads mindfulness silent retreats and organizes Silent Peace Walks. He lives in Florida, USA. Join his Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness Living sessions at Yoga Source in Coral Springs (Sundays at 9:00 AM) and at Shiwa Yoga in Deerfield Beach (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 AM)


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