This Moment. This Day. This Life.

Someone once said, “Life is simply one damned thing after another. If it is not this one, then it is going to be the next one.” Unquestionably, this is not the most upbeat definition of life, but it’s a valuable one because it acknowledges life’s randomness. If we look at life dispassionately, we can conclude that life is simply a succession of fortuitous phenomena. Just like the weather, so too life can be construed as sequence of situations that arise when conditions are present.

However, in the middle of all those changing and uncontrollable circumstances, we can still live a good life. If we accept that a good life is a collection of good moments, then we can do our best to notice, savor, and absorb the good moments of life. We can learn to pause and give ourselves time to take those moments in. We can learn to register them in our long term memory by paying attention to the good in the present moment.

Although this is quite simple to do, it’s not easy. As the saying goes, “It is not difficult to be mindful; what is difficult is to remember to be mindful.” If our minds are always in the past or the future, then the present is rarely registered. And if that’s all we do, we may get to the end of our lives and feel that our lives have passed by and we have not lived. This is very sad. So the challenge is to try to live mindfully, being totally present with whatever may be unfolding, approaching each experience, pleasant or unpleasant, with impartiality and equanimity, while remembering that whatever arises also passes away.

So let us make each moment count, doing our best to mindfully notice and extract the good that each one has to offer. Let’s remember to treasure this moment because, in all truth, it is the only one that exists, the one in which we make the choices that ultimately affect the quality of our lives. It all boils down to those moments of choice, those mindful moments when we observe the world around us, notice our thoughts, emotions, and body sensations, ask ourselves the important questions, and choose wisely. So let’s be here, now, present to extract the good of this moment, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, seeing the new in the old, and noticing all the stunning magic, mystery, and miracles in which we are immersed. Let’s pause and take it all in.

Let’s ask ourselves, “What brings me joy? How can I populate my days with the activities, things, people, and places that bring me joy?” And knowing the answers to these questions, let’s create amazing moments on purpose. Let’s create perfect days, deliberately. Let’s create joyful lives, intentionally. Let’s create memorable lives by creating memorable days, and create memorable days by creating memorable moments!

Let’s do it… mindfully!

This Moment. This Day. This Life.



Piero Falci is an author and educator who believes that the inner work that leads to personal awakening and transformation is indispensable to create a wholesome world. He is an explorer of the mysteries of life who loves to observe, reflect, and write, and who not only strives to live a life that matters, but also hopes to inspire others to do the same. He is a promoter of peace who believes in advancing the idea that Heaven is here if we want it to be. He teaches mindfulness meditation, mindful living, and the acclaimed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program as taught at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He organizes Silent Peace Walks.


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