Choose Happiness. Choose Love.


“Does this add to my happiness and the happiness of others?”

“Does this expands my happiness and the happiness in the world?”

Let the answers to these questions guide our decisions.

If we claim happiness, love, and peace as our birthright, and decide to be the most peaceful, loving, and happy individuals that we can be, and do only what expands those sentiments in the world, then, no matter what may happen to us, we will always experience a deep sense of calm and an exhilarating feeling of freedom from the trappings of the world.

So, decide to be a living expression of happiness. Decide to be the happiest person you can be. Decide to live mindfully,  to choose wisely, and to make of happiness a priority at every moment of your life.

Be mindful! Be amazed! Be grateful! Be content! Be compassionate! Be generous! Be happy!

Do what makes you happy. Be with who makes you smile. Laugh and Love as long as you Live.

Much love to you all.

~ Piero


“We are individuals here on earth with our own unique purpose. Our birthright is to be happy. Your life is yours to be lived and to be cherished. Make yourself and your happiness a priority. Become a person that you’re proud to be – one that lives with a wide open heart and stands for human goodness even when it’s difficult or unpopular. Be honest. Be willing to change your mind as you grow, learn and love. Be humble enough to let people see your humanity, because this is when true connection is formed. Give. Give. And give more, but don’t forget to be a gracious receiver too. Live each day becoming your truest, greatest self. This is your life. Live it. “ ~ Michelle Ploog





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Piero Falci is an author and educator who believes that the inner work that leads to personal awakening and transformation is indispensable to create a wholesome world. He is an explorer of the mysteries of life who hopes to inspire people to live lives that matter. He is a promoter of peace who believes that Heaven is here, if we want it to be. He teaches mindfulness meditation and mindful living, and organizes Silent Peace Walks.

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