Our Endangered Values

In Chinese the word Crisis is made of two characters, one meaning Danger, and the other meaning Opportunity.
These are dangerous times for all of us in the United States. Our most cherished and admired American values — the ones that were achieved through long-fought struggles of brave women and men and that brought about a more courteous, gentle, compassionate and enlightened society — are endangered. Division, bigotry, intolerance, hatred, lack of civility and aggressiveness have received an influx of energy, and some people, through their discriminatory and violent behavior, are bringing to light the worst in us.

At the same time, these attacks on our civil liberties motivate us to engage in initiatives aimed at protecting them. Crises, such as the current one, allow us to look deeply at the systems in place, see what is not working, and come up with better ways of organizing ourselves to live together. We can see this movement unfolding right now: people are reflecting on values, cherishing them, and showing willingness to protect them with renewed commitment. Our democracy, which has been kidnapped by a few, will inevitably be reclaimed by the majority of the people of this nation through increased participation in the democratic process, increased overseeing of the politicians and bureaucrats, and increased collaboration to create a more perfect union. Meanwhile, we will be growing our ability to deal with tense situations lovingly and nonviolently.

The final result of this crisis will be positive, I believe.

Now, thinking more broadly about what is needed to improve the quality of life for all, I am convinced that love is and will always be the right answer. If we want to bring about a more peaceful, just, and united society, we ourselves need to cultivate and spread kindness, compassion, generosity, tolerance and solidarity. I am convinced that the personal inner work that leads to the transformation of our hearts and minds and allows us to move from selfishness to selflessness continues to be the most powerful form of political activism for our times, and for all times.

Based on this belief, my experiences in life, and the type of person I am, I have decided that the best contribution I can give to make life better on this planet is to keep working on my own self, while encouraging others to engage in this personal work of transformation from the inside out. For me, that’s where the creation of a just society begins; with the construction of solid moral foundations upon which it shall rest. I have decided to give my support to those who want to start or who already are on their personal journeys of transformation. Finally, I have decided to nonviolently and actively resist the forces that try to delay, or prevent the inevitable manifestation of Heaven right here on Earth.

If you feel called to do something during these difficult times, I urge you to do the same. Through those meditative and contemplative practices that utilize silence and stillness, go to the center of your being and experience the epiphany of oneness. Realizing at the deepest level that “we are all in this together” changes our views and all our relationships.

Practice and get good at taming your old, primitive, reactive, fearful brain, while giving more attention and power to your new, evolved brain. This will allow you to enhance the space and time between stimulus and response and give you the skills to respond mindfully rather than react mindlessly.

Practice and free yourself from the illusion of the existence of an “I,” and from the belief that this “I” is under attack and needs to be protected. Realize that there is no “I,” no attack, and no need of protection.

Make your voice heard, and while doing it, remember these guidelines listed by my friend, Rivera Sun: “Create connections, build community, open dialogues, organize action, use our civil liberties of speech and assembly to stand up for democracy, and don’t cause physical harm to anyone or anything. Keep humanity and the planet alive, stop destruction, support the life affirming, and, of course, be kind, be connected, be unafraid!”

Grow in love, kindness and compassion, and help others grow too.

Soften yourself, and help others become softer too.

Do all this, and inspire others to do the same, because the insights produced by this diligent inner work will reveal the best ways to bring about a just, united and peaceful world .


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4 – World of Solidarity

A Powerful Form of Activism

New Political Leadership for a New World

To tame the savageness of man, and make gentle the life of this world

World of Solidarity

I urge you to continue to be a presence of love, peace and unity in our world.

Be mindful. Be amazed. Be grateful. Be content. Be happy!


I find it noteworthy that the title of this blog post coincides with the title of Jimmy Carter’s book “Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis” which was published in 2005.



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