The Nonviolent Jesus

April 12, 2015 – Tonight, we were blessed by another opportunity to listen to John Dear, now in a more intimate setting. Thanks Maryann and John Schmidt for hosting.

John emphasized that his message is very simple: respond to the challenges of life as Jesus would. Learn the ways of the nonviolent Jesus. Study and apply the teachings contained in the Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount. Imitate Jesus. Follow Jesus.

My take: Committed inner work leads to a deep personal transformation. Persistent and diligent inner exploration leads to a higher degree of awareness, which leads to the experience of oneness, which leads to empathy and compassion, which leads to selfless living and nonviolent activism to establish justice and peace.

If you feel that you are not there yet, please consider cultivating mindfulness in silence and solitude. This will inevitably awaken in you the desire to serve others and lead you to work nonviolently for justice and peace. The world needs your contribution. We need each other’s help to bring about a more peaceful and just world.



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