The Light of Unity and Peace

Maybe, one day in the future, we will go beyond the need to display flags and national colors. Maybe we will go beyond the need to identify ourselves as members of this or that clan. Maybe, one day, we will evolve beyond the need to pledge allegiance and loyalty to this or that nation, and we will present ourselves simply as human beings, all brothers and sisters who inhabit the same planet.

One Planet United

Unity and peace are already here, and will always be, as long as we want them to be.


The Peace Poem

We are peaceful!

All beings be peaceful!

We are happy!

All beings be happy!

Peace in our hearts brought peace to our families.

Peace in our families brought peace to our communities.

Peace in our communities brought peace to our nations.

Peace in our nations brought peace to the world.

There is peace on Earth and it began with me.

One world

One community

One family

One heart

One love

One Planet United


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