The Buddhist monk, peace activist and promoter of mindfulness, Thich Nhat Hanh, was once asked, “Do you meditate every single day?” He answered, “Not only every day, but every moment, while drinking, while talking, while writing, while watering our garden. It is always possible to practice living in the here and the now. That’s what we call meditation.” Well, that’s what I call mindful living, a practice that enhances the quality of our lives.

“Mindful moments, brief moments, many moments.” These six words instruct us how to practice the art of living mindfully. We are called to have many moments of mindfulness, however brief they may be, during our days. We enhance the quality of our lives by bringing the same awareness we develop during formal meditation to the other moments of our lives, the moments when we are not formally meditating, the so-called moments of informal meditation.


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