Guidelines for a Good Life

THE 8 Ls

Look, Listen, Learn, Lead, Laugh, Love, Live, Leave

Look deeply.

Listen attentively.

Learn unceasingly.

Lead compassionately.

Laugh unboundedly.

Love profusely.

(And by doing all this, day in and day out, you will…)

Live fully, and

Leave an honorable legacy.

~ Thanks to John Shelby Spong, Stephen R. Covey, and Thich Nhat Hanh


1 – Look deeply. Look with the eyes of your body, and see with the eyes of your heart. See beyond what you see, and see all the beauty and all the Magic, Mystery and Miracles that surround us.

2 – Listen attentively. Listen deeply. Give of yourself, and listen compassionately to alleviate someone else’s suffering. Listen to the whispers beyond the sounds. Befriend silence and solitude. And by looking deeply and listening attentively, remember everything you forgot about yourself; remember who you really are and what you were brought here to do.

3 – Learn unceasingly. Keep growing. Remain curious. Be like a child who is discovering everything. Approach everything with a beginner’s mind. Remember that you don’t grow old; you get old when you stop growing. Keep growing!

4 – Lead compassionately. Be that person you needed when you were young. Be to others that leader, that mentor, that boss, that teacher, that parent you wished you had at your side, helping, supporting and loving you, when you were young.

5 – Laugh unboundedly. Don’t take things too seriously. Nothing is permanent. Laugh often. Smile. Relax. Have fun. Have a good time in this amazing playground that was given to us.

6 – Love profusely. Just love, all the time. Connect, communicate and commune with other human beings. See yourself in everybody, remembering that others are reflections of yourself. Love everything you like and also everything that you don’t like.

7 – Live fully. Feel that you are alive and be grateful for that. Live authentically, freely, and mindfully in order to live fully. Pay attention! Be alert! Breathe! Be here, now! Have dreams, but don’t condition your happiness to their achievement. Be happy now! Be here, now! Happiness in the future is a promise that may not come true. Seek and find happiness right here, right now. Forgive and move on. Let go of all resentment, remorse and regret, and live fully. Remember that at the final moments of your life you will regret much more what you didn’t do than what you did do.

8 – Leave an honorable legacy. Leave a legacy that you and your loved ones can be proud of. Leave a contribution to the world. Leave the world better than you found it. Take good care of this planet, of this Universe, and of everyone and everything in it. Promote understanding, peace and unity. Express yourself. Create. Co-create. Follow your bliss.



Be gentle with yourself. Receive all the love and peace I am sending you. Godspeed! Namaste ~ Piero


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