My Son, My Guide, My Greatest Teacher

Today we remember and celebrate the birthday of one of the best men I know. His coming to this world affected me in profound ways.

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Here’s the story of Pedro’s birth…

It was late night, and the bustling daytime activity had vanished; visitors were long gone, and most of the patients and their companions were sleeping. But I couldn’t. So I kissed my wife — lovingly, gently, and carefully, trying not to disturb her sleep — and left the room in silence.

I remember how quiet and dim the corridors were; “They must turn down the lights at night,” I pondered.

“That one,” I said, even though I knew she could not hear me. “That one,” I said again, pointing at the newborn in the little crib whose sign bore my last name. The nurse smiled, picked him up, gently nestled him in her arms, got closer to the glass, and allowed me to take a lengthy look at him… and that was it! That was the moment when my life changed forever!

Yes, I had been in middle of all the excitement in the delivery room a few hours before. Yes, I held him in my arms minutes after he was born. But that moment, in the quiet of the night, when I took that long look at him, that was the moment when the entire Universe slowed down, everything around me became a blur, and time stood still. Something mysterious and magical was happening. I didn’t know then, and I only came to realize years later that who I was looking at, just then, was the greatest guide and teacher I would have in my life. And even though I was completely unaware of my role as a neophyte explorer, he immediately took me to unexplored territories. And although I was utterly oblivious of my role as his student, he, at once, exposed me to fundamental questions. I looked at him and asked myself, “Who am I? What is this thing we call life? Who creates it? How does it come about? How can I, this simple man, be a part in something so miraculous, inexplicable, and extraordinary?”

And the Voice of the Universe spoke through him: “There’s something bigger going on here; something that you don’t quite understand. You must pay attention and be alert.” And I heard a whisper, “It’s time to let go of the old. It’s time to embrace the new.”

In that moment I was forever transformed, never to be the same again.

During the years that followed, my son guided me to take a deep look at my life and change my ways. He patiently endured the pain I made him go through while I was learning. And no matter how many mistakes I made, he always reaffirmed his unconditional love for me. He taught me what real, innocent love was. He believed in me more than I did myself. He believed that the good in me would prevail. He, more than anyone else, made me a better man.

I look back and I think, “How fortunate I am! How blessed I am to have him in my life! What a vast joy it is for me to have him by my side during my journey here on Earth!”


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