Death is Nothing at All – 2

“Whatever it is that occurs at death, I believe it deserves to be called a miracle. The miracle, ironically, is that we don’t die. The cessation of the body is an illusion, and like a magician sweeping aside a curtain, the soul reveals what lies beyond. Mystics have long understood the joyousness of this moment. As the great Persian poet Rumi puts it, “Death is our wedding with eternity.” Bit not only mystics have seen through death’s illusion. The eminent twentieth-century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote, “For life in the present there is no death. Death is not an event in life. It is not a fact in the world.”

I believe that death accomplishes the following miraculous things:

  • It replaces time with timelessness
  • It stretches the boundaries of space to infinity
  • It reveals the source of life
  • It brings a new way of knowing that lies beyond the reach of the five senses
  • It reveals the underlying intelligence that organizes and sustains creation

In other words, death is a fulfillment of our purpose here on earth. Every culture offers a deep faith that this is true, but ours demands a higher standard of proof. I think that proof exists, but it cannot be physical, since by definition death brings physical life to an end. To see this proof, we must expand the boundaries of consciousness so that we know ourselves better. If you know yourself as someone beyond time and space, your identity will have expanded to include death. The reason that human beings keep seeking fulfillment beyond the stars is that we sense that our own mystery lies there, not here in the realm of physical limitation.”

~ Deepak Chopra, in his book Life After Death, The Burden of Proof


December 25


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